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Collecting Small for Big Impact

September 26, 2014 in American Made,Art,Art Gallery,Art Glass,Colorado,Miniature oils,Paintings | Comments (0)


4×4 Rufous Hummingbird by Patrice Walker

Pika Pair Bronze by Fred Lunger

Pika Pair Bronze by Fred Lunger

7.25x7.25 Fused Glass on Glass Painitng by Gary Vigen

7.25×7.25 Fused Glass on
Glass Painitng by Gary Vigen

Miniatures are a genre that is often overlooked. For collectors, small-scale can be so charming and easy to fit into almost any size home, apartment or studio.

The White House and Smithsonian both have impressive collections. Why not you? Hunter-Wolff Gallery features miniatures and small-scale art by award-winning artists, some who specialize in miniatures following all the criteria necessary for juried shows and competitions. One can always find room for a 4×4 Patrice Walker painting, or a pair of Pika bronzes by  Fred Lunger or small fused glass painting by Gary Vigen. These award-winning artists are some of many who offer art-lovers with limited space options to collect prized art.

Miniature painting involves tedious and delicate brushwork that captivates under close scrutiny.  A visit to Hunter-Wolff Gallery might surprise visitors the number of options, sizes and mediums for which small-scale art can be found.  Consider miniatures for your tabletop or display shelves.  They are also affordable and easier to rearrange as new artwork comes into your home and your collection continues to grow.

If you collect miniatures, we’d like to know how you got started and how you display your collection.

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Christmas is Almost Here and You Still Need Ideas!

December 12, 2013 in American Made,Art,Art Gallery,Art Glass,Clifford T. Bailey,Color,Colorado,Hunter-Wolff Gallery,jewelry,Jewelry by Tana,Justin Clements oils,Marlene Kort,Miniature oils,Oils,Old Colorado City,Paintings,Pottery,Raku | Comments (0)

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christmas-treeEvery year Christmas seems to come faster than the year before and every year it seems to be harder to think of new ideas.  Are you struggling with balancing your budget and finding a gift that doesn’t look like it came from the local pharmacy?If socks and ties and drug store cologne aren’t working for you, good! Start thinking about unique gifts that show you care.  At Hunter-Wolff Gallery, we help clients every day purchase affordable gifts for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and the holidays.  We listen and understand that you are feeling a little stressed as we get closer to Christmas and you really don’t want to disappoint those who are so important to you. Here are a few ideas on some items available at different price points:

Under $100 for Her or Him

  1. Hand-blown glass hearts by Donna Gordon, starting at $65
  2. Hand-blown “paper weights” in tear-drop form by Donna Gordon, starting at $40
  3. Vases, Platters, and other functional pottery by Tony Heslop, starting under $20
  4. Jewelry by four different designers, starting under $30
  5. Decorative raku by Mark Wong, starting at $35
  6. Decorative/functional clayware and glass bowls, plates, and other tableware by Kerry Brooks, starting at $35
  7. Lamps and raku vessels in a variety of glazes by Tony Heslop, starting at $35

$100-$500 for Her or Him

  1. Wood turned vessels and bowls (he will love!), starting at $150
  2. Blown glass  plates, vases, and more by Donna Gordon, starting at $140
  3. Oil and pastel paintings beautifully framed by multiple artists, starting at $145
  4. Whimsical flying Texas-Longs with Bunnies by Madalyn Kae, starting at $225
  5. Unique raku Glow Pots by Marc Jenesel, starting at $335
  6. Blown glass by Jennifer Nauck starting at $400
  7. Beautiful pendants and bracelets, starting at $95

Just let us know your budget and we promise to keep you on track, save you time by gift wrapping, and keeping everyone’s blood pressure where it should be!   Check our website at or call for immediate help: 719-520-9494. Happy Holidays!  Happy Shopping!



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Support Small Business

November 15, 2012 in Art Gallery,Art Glass,Artists,Best of the Springs,Colorado,Events,Hunter-Wolff Gallery,November 24,Old Colorado City,Paintings | Comments (0)

In only ten days, Saturday, November 24 is Small Business Saturday®—a day to demonstrate your support and celebrate local small businesses that boost the economy and invigorate neighborhoods across the country.

Hunter-Wolff Gallery is proud to participate in Small Business Saturday and we look forward to your support by shopping with us on November 24th. Get a jump on your holiday gift purchases; we are well stocked with great fine art made here in America by award-winning artists at affordable prices. Shop Small® and together we can make this November 24th the biggest day of the year for small business.

To learn more, visit and remind your friends and family to do the same!

We’d love to hear why you like shopping small business.


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At the Top of the Glass

July 24, 2012 in American Glass Studio Movement,Art,Art Gallery,Art Glass,Color,Commissions | Comments (0)



Donna Gordon Blown Glass Collection


In recognition of the 2012 nationwide celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the American Glass Studio Movement, Hunter-Wolff Gallery is featuring beautiful blown glass by Colorado glassblower Donna Gordon in appreciation for her years of dedication and creativity and for being part of this movement, which continues to foster new interest in utilizing glass as an art form. The gallery is also taking this opportunity to introduce kilnformed glass by former Chicago-area Tom Donaldson.

Tom Donaldson’s exhibit of kilnformed glass gives collectors another option, primarily intended for display.  For more than 26 years, Donaldson has studied and developed a lesser conventional style. Donaldson rarely creates pieces in multiples unless it is a series of glass tiles or for lighting.  He strongly believes that the value of art is diminished somewhat with large production numbers and often looks to nature for new inspiration.  He credits nature for many of his award-winning pieces and explains, “Nature combines the precision and logic of math with the gentle variations of form and color. In almost everything in nature there is a repeating pattern, color and shape and that makes nature very desirable and useful in creating abstract and representational art.” Donaldson says he continues to push existing theory pertaining to kilnformed glass and collectors appreciate his results. Both exhibits will run concurrently July 15 to September 30, 2012 for visitors’ appreciation of contemporary art glass.

Tom Donaldson Kilnformed Art Glass


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Two-Way Communication

April 14, 2012 in Art,Art Glass,Artists,Color,Fine Art,Oils | Comments (0)

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Making Customers Happy

Sometimes it only takes a single image to spur a decision. That is exactly what often occurs at Hunter-Wolff Gallery when we publish our monthly newsletters filled with images, or send a image via email to a customer based on his/her interest.  It helps when we know what you like and when you communicate your interests.  Servicing customers based on their interests is a win-win-win.  You get what you like, artists are rewarded for their creativity, and the gallery continues to do what it does best . . . satisfy a special desire for original artwork.

For example, we have been working with Barbara for a number of years and placed numerous paintings and other beautiful artwork in her home. She recently shared that she wanted multiple pieces that could be grouped together but not necessarily by the same artist.  Barbara saw an image of the raku and fiber sculpture by Karen Pierce and Marc Jenesel on the day it arrived in the gallery.  The next day Barbara owned it.  We were fairly certain the piece would meet her request: she wanted unique multi-medium sculpture that highlighted colors she wanted to bring into her space. She was upfront from the start about her budget and what she wanted her space to look like. We then scoped out potential pieces, including a blown-glass platter and several floral paintings for her grouping.  She liked all our recommendations and made her decision.

Sometimes it takes an in-home trial of a piece to get the perfect artwork.  Selecting and investing in artwork takes some decision-making, but it is always helpful to us if we understand your needs, likes and budget.  We want you to have what you like, not what we like, and we want you to enjoy it for a lifetime.  Tell us what you want and we will get busy helping you.

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ArtWalk is Back

April 5, 2012 in Art Gallery,Art Glass,Artists,Colorado,Events,Hunter-Wolff Gallery,Old Colorado City | Comments (0)

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There is a definite buzz on the Avenue.  The 2012 ArtWalk season is about to  start, April 6 at 5pm – 8pm.  Brochures are printed, banners are hung, new artwork has arrived.  And, the weather is perfect for strolling the Avenue to explore 17 galleries and more than a dozen open artist’s studios.

For those who have yet joined us during ArtWalk, put it on your calendar today.  Hunter-Wolff Gallery will have live demonstrations each month.  This month, you will witness Gary Vigen in action creating delicate paintings on stained glass surfaces.  These lovely gems are really landscapes created out of all glass; glass fused to glass for a new twist on wall art.  Stop in and ask questions!


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Black & Berries Tableware

January 16, 2012 in Art,Art Gallery,Art Glass,Artists,Color,Hunter-Wolff Gallery | Comments (0)

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Serving Platter by Frank GrayLarge Bowl by Frank GrayCasseroleNot long ago, one of our gallery potters delivered a number of new tableware pieces including teapots, chip/dip platter, serving bowls, tumblers, platters, casserole dishes, etc.

Not only were they fresh from the kiln but they had a new wonderful glaze in deep, rich colors of dark red, blue, brown and black.  I have never been much of a pottery collector but these pieces just made my eyes dilate.  Fact: Whenever we see someone or something we like, the pupils of our eyes dilate and grow larger. It’s almost as if our eyes are trying to see as much of this desirable thing as possible.

This is an involuntary and uncontrollable physiological response.


I couldn’t resist the color and it made me want to touch the shiny smooth surface.  I could immediately see it on my table … and on every cook’s table …. what a wonderful color combination.

Frank Gray, The Potter, said he just developed the glaze formula and really didn’t have a name for it yet, when I blurted out, “Black & Berries”.  Yes, look at the raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, and of course the blackberries!  The name was perfect.  The color is perfect.  Can’t you imagine servings of fresh asparagus, mashed garlic potatoes, pot roast, corn bread, cape cod crab cakes, golden fried calamari … you fill in the blank and fill your plate. Frank Gray’s pottery is far from gray and will look wonderful on any table. I bet everyone will want seconds.  Reminder:  Don’t forget to include color on your table. Add Donna Gordon’s Blown Glass Tumblers and you will have a winning table. I bet your eyes will dilate too.


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Helping PTSD With Heart

October 18, 2011 in Art,Art Gallery,Art Glass,Artists,Colorado,Events,Fine Art,Hunter-Wolff Gallery,Marlene Kort,Oils,Old Colorado City,Paintings,PTSD | Comments (0)

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Artist Marlene Kort & SSgt. Anthony Ngo Devote a Day Fundraising

Success!  Thanks to the many supporters of a newly started fundraiser “Plates & Palettes” in Old Colorado City for combat veterans diagnosed with PTSD.

It’s exciting to witness so many caring people who want to give. In spite of difficult economic times, people find ways to help others.
It was easy for me to jump on board to support this small organization with a big dream. They have limited funding and a goal to take a results-driven program national.  This group of caring Coloradans recognizes the need for a solution, other than drugs, for our combat heroes when they have nowhere to turn for help with PTSD.
Anyone who has lived with this disorder knows how effective therapy can be because drugs are not always the answer.  Art therapy is an effective tool.  I am excited to be part of this effort and hope you too will consider helping this cause.  This is neither a government funded nor a national program (yet) and relies on private contributions to support material needs and costs associated with running a dedicated art therapy program.
Hunter-Wolff Gallery will continue to support the program however we can.  During October, we are offering the opportunity to purchase beautiful blown glass hearts for the cause.  Every heart sale makes a difference—to the many combat heroes and their families.
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Helping Combat Vets Get Art Therapy for PTSD

October 9, 2011 in Art,Art Gallery,Art Glass,Artists,Colorado,Events,Hunter-Wolff Gallery,Old Colorado City | Comments (0)

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Donna Gordon Glass Collection Hearts

I love my life as an American and think you probably do too.   This would be a different world without the men and women who serve our country in a uniform. I’m talking about our military forces here and abroad.  Those who serve in combat know their life is at risk but few think about the effects of trauma when they return home.  We are grateful when they come home to us but are not always prepared for the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  It’s real and it isn’t always addressed until too late.

The Wounded Warriors, Colorado Springs, foundation has partnered with Aspen Pointe to help our combat veterans through Art Therapy.  It’s an effective method of therapy and we are here to support this fine group of caring friends in any way we can.  We are reaching out to you too to help us raise funding for this important cause and help those in need of our help.

During the Month of October sales proceeds from our Donna Gordon Blown Glass heart collection will be donated to the program to show our gratitude.  In addition, on Sunday, October 16 from 1-5 pm we are participating in a fun afternoon of food, demonstrations and a silent auction.  Proceeds from the day and silent auction will also help this important program.  We hope to see you here and look forward to receiving your help.

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Really Hot Stuff

October 5, 2011 in Art,Art Gallery,Art Glass,Artists,Color,Hunter-Wolff Gallery,Old Colorado City | Comments (0)

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From the Furnace to Home

Have you ever watched a surgeon perform a procedure and thought, “wow that looks fun”.  Maybe you even thought it looked easy.  That is how I felt when I watched Donna Gordon at her Colorado hot shop create a beautiful vase.  This was not my first visit and I expected to be uninspired seeing her work again since I’ve watched the process before several times.  Wrong.  She is amazing and glass blowing is incredibly difficult, labor intensive and VERY HOT. Aside from the intense heat, I thought maybe this time I would try one or two of the steps she performs but decided not to interfere with her rhythm.  She moves to and fro from the furnace to the glory hole, to the bench, to her torch, to her table for more colored frit and back to the glory hole. Like a dancer not missing a step.  I think I will just leave the glass blowing to the experts like Donna Gordon.

The Donna Gordon Glass Collection is refreshed with new work regularly.  She just finished blowing several dozen hearts for our October fundraiser to support the Wounded Warrior Art Therapy program.  Stop by and pick out your favorite color; they make great gifts and will make you feel great about yourself for helping our combat vets seeking help through Art Therapy.

Hearts to Support Wounded Warriors

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