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On Our Radar Screen

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Lavender & Poppies 16x20

Hunter-Wolff Gallery is known for its very fine regional artists, most of whom reside in Colorado. On any given day, visitors are likely to bump into one of our 30-some artists or jewelry designers because they frequently come and go to update or replace work.

There are a handful of artists, however, who live and work somewhere other than Colorado, like oil painter Janelle Cox.  We met Janelle in 2005 when she lived within 30 minutes of the gallery.  From the very start, she was one of the gallery’s most popular landscape and figurative artists with an impressionistic style. Her range of plein air and in-studio skills is broader than many artists. I quickly learned from Janelle that she is one of those people never satisfied with her own level of expertise, in spite of her success, awards and accolades. This dissatisfaction has driven her to reach beyond her comfort level and to grow as a professional. She has studied and trained endlessly to produce  some of the finest paintings collectors admire at Hunter-Wolff Gallery. We have watched her grow and develop as a mature artist with a unique style and appeal.

Hint: Why this gallery appreciates Janelle Cox ~  Janelle is open to custom work (commissions) and dedicated to her craft.  This artist is rated in our book at the top of our professional artist list. We give Janelle’s paintings high marks and we buy them for our own personal collection, too.

If you are interesting is paintings that  can be enjoy over the course of your life, we suggest considering oils by Janelle Cox for your first . . . second or tenth original painting. Whatever stage you are at in collecting artwork, you won’t make a mistake adding one by Janelle Cox to your collection.

Janelle and her husband currently reside in Austin Texas but she remains on our radar and is highly regarded among her  peers.

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Living Large, Large-Scale

August 30, 2012 in Art,Art Gallery,Artists,Color,Colorado,Custom Art,Fine Art,Hunter-Wolff Gallery,Paintings,Red | Comments (0)

Grand Red Tree 55 x 70

Large-scale artwork isn’t for everybody.  But when a large room with ceilings that seem to extend to the sky, the biggest mistake you can make is to hang  undersized artwork.

John Sherman at Hunter-Wolff Gallery has been exhibiting work at this location in Colorado Springs for almost seven years and although collectors really love his red trees, they REALLY love his large-scale artwork.  The image to the left is an original called “Grand Red Trees” and it really is grand.  There is nothing like putting a bold, colorful painting with large blocks of color on a wall that needs big artwork.  Don’t make the mistake of hanging a bunch of little paintings in a grouping on a really big wall.  When  you need a 5, 6 or 7′ painting, go for it.  You will never regret it.
Too many gallery visitors tell us they made the mistake of  going with a smaller painting because it was less expensive and they thought they could save a few hundred dollars.   Price is always a consideration and everyone needs to watch their budget, but in the long run you will regret skimping on size because of a few dollars.  Look at the size of your walls and be realistic about what it needs.  Work with a decorator and tell them you want original artwork from regional artists to get the biggest bang for your buck if you don’t trust your own instincts.
Remember, one of your biggest investments in your life is your home.  Don’t devalue what you invested with prints and reproductions, or undersized artwork.  A big home is expensive and showcasing it will require an investment too.
Hunter-Wolff Gallery can help with your budget plan and find the most affordable, desirable art offered by regional artists in Colorado. Let us help with ideas and consider colorful, bold, unforgettable art like John Sherman’s red trees.
When you visit us in person and don’t see large-scale on the wall, ask about commissioning something special that fits your requirements and your personality.
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Customer Satisfaction

June 24, 2012 in Art,Art Gallery,Custom Art,Fine Art,Hunter-Wolff Gallery | Comments (0)

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Sharon & AnnWhy is gallery owner Sharon Wolff and art associate Ann Leago smiling? It’s easy to smile when we know you are happy with your shopping experience at Hunter-Wolff Gallery. Sharon, Ann, and Marlene (absent from photo) and 30-some artists are pleased to be able to bring art enthusiasts beautiful works of art. Sometimes we are able to arrange for a piece to be custom made when what we have is not the right size, color, or fails to meet your requirements.  If a client tells us they love something but can’t know for sure about how it will work in their space for a variety of reasons, we send our customer home with it for a “test drive”, and if it has to come back because it did not work out, then that is okay.

Always ask if you can take a piece you love home for a “test drive” if you love it but are concerned about color matches or size.  If you are sure it is not working within a day or two, then we expect our clients to return it. We want you to be happy and to smile like Sharon, Ann and Marlene.  We know, and you know too, happy customers come back and happy customers are our favorite people.

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A New Life in Red

June 17, 2012 in Art,Art Gallery,Artists,Color,Custom Art,Hunter-Wolff Gallery,Red | Comments (0)

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Colorado Rope Baskets

Embellished with Deer Horn

Not long ago these baskets were just a pile of lifeless lariats tossed aside without a purpose. After thousands of hours working on a ranch, doing dozens of jobs all cowboys and ranchers know about, the lariat just loses its life and is tossed aside.  What does a rope do then?  Like many things, it is given a chance for  a new life.

A sculptor and cowboy named Gary Campbell took one look at those dirty old ropes that just seemed to pile up and decided he had to find a way to breath new life into them. Being an artist  and working cowboy, the lariat had practically lived in his hands for 40 years and he knew how to handle it for ranching purposes.  Now he was going to take on the challenge to handle it in another way — a way that made sense to an artist.

If weavers can make baskets from reeds and fiber, he could make baskets from a rancher’s working ropes. After making a few baskets, he began to picture more elaborate designs and  in a more colorful way and started dying the ropes (with some coaching from  his wife) in shades of red and rust and soft greens and grays.  He wanted to stay true to the southwest color families and keep the colors rich and inviting.  Gary’s been making his baskets for a number of  years, not as long as he trained horses but long enough to have a strong following. Today he handles those lariats with as much expertise as he did when training horses in the corral. We think you will agree when you see his baskets in person. His work is found in fine retail stores and art galleries like Hunter-Wolff Gallery in southern Colorado.  Some baskets have open tops, while other baskets are lidded or embellished with deer or elk horns and bone.

No two baskets are ever alike; they come in all shapes and sizes. Sizes run from small to larger scale and based on complexity can run up to over a $1,000, although the average mid-size basket is closer to $400. It’s time to lasso one of these beauties for yourself!


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High Customer Satisfaction

March 18, 2012 in Art,Art Gallery,Artists,Award,Best of the Springs,Custom Art,Fine Art,Honors,Hunter-Wolff Gallery,Oils,Old Colorado City,Paintings | Comments (0)

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Cindy has a lot to smile about. She owns beautiful art from Hunter-Wolff Gallery

High customer satisfaction is key to business growth.

We make this our goal every day and watch for the smile on our customer’s face and listen for the compliment from their lips. We do not send surveys to our customers but everyone knows this too is an effect tool to measure customer satisfaction levels.  My yardstick is more personal.  I simply look for repeat sales, favorable comments and smiling faces.  By asking customers for feedback and if they would likely recommend our gallery to friends and family is my most effective method of measuring customer satisfaction. This way, should I learn that a customer is not 100% thrilled, I can address the problem immediately (it rarely happens but a business owner always wants to be prepared).

Receiving public recognition and awards is also an excellent indicator of “getting it right” but don’t forget to ask those who step through your door about their opinion. They are the ones who make a difference to your bottom-line.

Tip: For those repeat customers who keep you very busy, be sure to thank them in a way they least expect – with action that shows you are grateful for their business.


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A Thing Of Beauty

February 20, 2012 in Art,Artists,Color,Custom Art,Fine Art,Hunter-Wolff Gallery,jewelry | Comments (0)

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Velvet Obsidian in Silver by DKC Jewelry

Pendants in Silver or Copper

Silver or Copper Pendants by DKC Jewelry

John Keats said it best, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever: its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness.”

I believe this is why woman understand a good piece of jewelry doesn’t just feel good now, but will last a lifetime, and it will increase in its loveliness through time.  And, if the piece is handed down to a daughter or granddaughter, the feeling of giving a good piece of jewelry to someone you love is just as important.  Remember, whether your piece is from Tiffany’s or made by a local artisan, you should love it and the piece should be the best quality you can afford. It is much better to have several good pieces that you can wear with nearly everything, than dozens of costume jewelry that will someday end up part of a kid’s Halloween costume.
Check out the exclusive line of wearable art by DKC Jewelry now at Hunter-Wolff Gallery.  The intricate designs and wiring around the stones are delicate and tasteful.  Women, who love style, will enjoy the look of these pieces  whether in their jeans or evening gown, and how they make a lady feel special!
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Naweeya’s World

January 25, 2012 in Art,Art Gallery,Artists,Colorado,Custom Art,Fine Art,jewelry,Naweeya Designs,Old Colorado City | Comments (0)

Naweeya (4th from L) is a Passionate Designer

Can you imagine a 4 year old working for food?  That’s exactly what Naweeya Omer and her six siblings had to do to survive growing up in a small village in Northern Thailand. Today, however, this Khmu woman from Northern Thailand helps feed the people of her village. She came to America 11 years ago and worked in Colorado as a designer/artist and entrepreneur.  With her can-do spirit she started Naweeya’s World with a dream to help the small village she left behind.  She knew she could help make a difference just by doing what she does best . . . create beautiful wearable art.

In addition to operating a day care center for working parents, she designs stunning jewelry and other wearable art.   At Hunter-Wolff Gallery she offers stylish, one-of-a-kind jewelry created from natural gem stones, shells, wood, seedpods, and other organic elements for an exclusive look.

Because life has not changed much since she left Northern Thailand, and there is little opportunity for work, she and her husband try to support a village in dire need.  Naweeya buys as much materials from Northern Thailand tribal villages as possible. Her creations are sold in the US and profits are returned to her much-loved homeland. She knows the hardships first hand and is driven to help make a better future for the Khmu children.  She returns 100% of the profits she earns through her sales.

Her success as an artist for the past decade has fed many families and helps provide supplies for educational and health care purposes. Last year she contributed $1,200 worth of rice and $4,000 for medical supplies and education materials to the Khmu children. All this was made possible through Naweeya’s World and your support. It’s our goal in 2012 to keep Naweeya’s dream alive and give the Khmu children a brighter future so little children never have to work for food.

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Bold & Bulging

January 9, 2012 in Art,Art Gallery,Color,Colorado,Custom Art,Fine Art,jewelry,Naweeya Designs | Comments (0)

Beautiful Chunky Floral Design by Naweeya Omer

There’s no getting around “Bold and Bulging” jewelry trends with over the top chunky features. Forget understated

. Go for the Bold dripping in a bucketful of colorful stones.  Turn any outfit into a head-turning, runway run-away. Not too long ago, we called these pieces “wearable art”.  But it seems all the department stores, boutiques and gift shops are jumping on a trend that isn’t ready to fade.
If you want those one-of-a-kind American made quality pieces with real stones, real silver and long-term wearability, then you need to buy from a reliable source.  Do you really think you can find quality at festivals and boutiques where they depend on volume sales?  Can you imagine finding something this gorgeous in a local mall boutique?  No way.  This piece took our designer long hours (and hours), after spending hours carefully planning unique designs.  Stop in and see for yourself.
If you really can’t see the difference, then let us show you.
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Homage to Earle

December 1, 2011 in Art,Art Gallery,Artists,Color,Colorado,Custom Art | Comments (0)

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Homage to Earle-Deep Shadows

Eyvind Earle’s work inspired many artist during his lifetime and continues today.  As a young boy at age 10, he started his life’s work as an artist.  Although he passed in 2000, at the age of 84, his work lives on. You have seen his work, if not original pieces, certainly prints and limited editions, and even greeting cards.  He was a prolific artist creating unique paintings, sculptures, scratchboards, watercolors and drawings that have not been publicly seen or exhibited. Eyvind Earle Publishing LLC, under the specific instruction of the late Eyvind Earle, will continue the legacy of the artist, promoting and introducing new serigraphs and books through galleries worldwide. To learn more about this amazing artist go to:

You can see how he inspired contemporary Colorado artist, Clifford T. Bailey.  The style and mood of Bailey’s work  might make you think they studied together.  We are very excited to be able to present the work of Clifford T. Bailey and his “Homage to Earle, Deep Shadows”.  Could they have studied together?

UPDATE:  No, they did not study together, but Clifford did meet Eyvind Earle when he was 14 years old and several times during his youth.  It was Mr. Earle who influenced Clifford Bailey’s pursuit of art and becoming an artist.  After seeing the master’s work, there was no turning back for Clifford. THIS PAINTING SOLD IN LESS THAN 30 minutes after arriving in the gallery on December 2.

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Butterflies & Friends

June 19, 2011 in Art,Art Gallery,Artists,Butterflies & Friends,Butterfly,Color,Colorado,Custom Art,Events,Hunter-Wolff Gallery,Old Colorado City | Comments (0)

Hunter-Wolff Gallery

Driving through Colorado Springs?  Be sure to visit the Butterflies & Friends project. The Rotary Club of Colorado Springs is responsible for this community service initiative, focused to raise awareness and funds to serve children and promote the arts in schools. In the first 3 years, the Rotary Club raised over $100K in funds.

Don’t miss these beautiful sculptures.  All are created by talented artists from this region and you can find their locations at Thirty-one butterflies are now on display throughout Colorado Springs. Hunter-Wolff Gallery is a sponsor and “caretaker” of one of the butterflies created by Carol McIntyre and you can see it at 2510 W. Colorado Avenue.
SAVE THE DATE! Take a friend to the auction at the CheyenneMountain Resort on September 17th
The funds that raised will be used to provide community-building arts programs in schools that are facing major transitions and changes. These children are all our children and need to know that we care. It’s important to their future AND your future.
Each transformed butterfly sculpture will be auctioned off on September 17 to help provide arts education in targeted schools and assist the Rotary Community Service Fund in contributing to many important causes in Colorado Springs. Everyone has a chance to provide a permanent shelter for these evocative beauties at their own home or business.
You too can help promote a “healthy cocoon for every child” and encourage a creative metamorphosis into all that each can be!
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