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Dazzling Me, Darling!

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Only At Hunter-Wolff Gallery

If you love glamour and love jewelry, we have the perfect answer for you:  Naweeya Designs! Whether looking for something casual or something outstanding and stunning, Naweeya Designs are here.  Designer Naweeya Omer painstakingly spends hours sorting stones and finding the perfect color matches to create her unique pieces.  No two are alike.  She strings as many as 10 strands of beads and creates a garden of pearls and stones that are almost too beautiful to wear.

I like to describe Naweeya Designs as a symphony.  Naweeya starts with her supplies and materials, sorting and planning, making decisions on the type and size, or color of stones–faceted, polished, raw chunks of stones or pearls, abalone, silver, etc. Upon deciding on a theme, keeping in mind color, size, shape and other elements to bind a concept together for movement and purpose.  Should the design be formal, casual, or something in between?  It’s like making music.  All the elements need to come together in some type of order and make sense upon completion.

Her pieces dazzle the wearer and turn heads of admirers.  Naweeya Designs are always unique, no two alike, and difficult for other designers to copy because of her intricate detail.  We love Naweeya Designs and think you will too.  You don’t have to be a celebrty to feel like a celebrity–and you can find pieces that don’t break the bank. Her new summer collection is here and make perfect gifts for the woman who has everything and the woman who doesn’t mind buying herself a special reward.
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Naweeya’s World

January 25, 2012 in Art,Art Gallery,Artists,Colorado,Custom Art,Fine Art,jewelry,Naweeya Designs,Old Colorado City | Comments (0)

Naweeya (4th from L) is a Passionate Designer

Can you imagine a 4 year old working for food?  That’s exactly what Naweeya Omer and her six siblings had to do to survive growing up in a small village in Northern Thailand. Today, however, this Khmu woman from Northern Thailand helps feed the people of her village. She came to America 11 years ago and worked in Colorado as a designer/artist and entrepreneur.  With her can-do spirit she started Naweeya’s World with a dream to help the small village she left behind.  She knew she could help make a difference just by doing what she does best . . . create beautiful wearable art.

In addition to operating a day care center for working parents, she designs stunning jewelry and other wearable art.   At Hunter-Wolff Gallery she offers stylish, one-of-a-kind jewelry created from natural gem stones, shells, wood, seedpods, and other organic elements for an exclusive look.

Because life has not changed much since she left Northern Thailand, and there is little opportunity for work, she and her husband try to support a village in dire need.  Naweeya buys as much materials from Northern Thailand tribal villages as possible. Her creations are sold in the US and profits are returned to her much-loved homeland. She knows the hardships first hand and is driven to help make a better future for the Khmu children.  She returns 100% of the profits she earns through her sales.

Her success as an artist for the past decade has fed many families and helps provide supplies for educational and health care purposes. Last year she contributed $1,200 worth of rice and $4,000 for medical supplies and education materials to the Khmu children. All this was made possible through Naweeya’s World and your support. It’s our goal in 2012 to keep Naweeya’s dream alive and give the Khmu children a brighter future so little children never have to work for food.

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Bold & Bulging

January 9, 2012 in Art,Art Gallery,Color,Colorado,Custom Art,Fine Art,jewelry,Naweeya Designs | Comments (0)

Beautiful Chunky Floral Design by Naweeya Omer

There’s no getting around “Bold and Bulging” jewelry trends with over the top chunky features. Forget understated

. Go for the Bold dripping in a bucketful of colorful stones.  Turn any outfit into a head-turning, runway run-away. Not too long ago, we called these pieces “wearable art”.  But it seems all the department stores, boutiques and gift shops are jumping on a trend that isn’t ready to fade.
If you want those one-of-a-kind American made quality pieces with real stones, real silver and long-term wearability, then you need to buy from a reliable source.  Do you really think you can find quality at festivals and boutiques where they depend on volume sales?  Can you imagine finding something this gorgeous in a local mall boutique?  No way.  This piece took our designer long hours (and hours), after spending hours carefully planning unique designs.  Stop in and see for yourself.
If you really can’t see the difference, then let us show you.
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