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Comfort & Elegant

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D.K.C Designs

Is it too much to ask for style and comfort in an earring design? I can’t tell you how excited everyone working at Hunter-Wolff Gallery was when D.K.C Designs presented a new collection of jewelry that offered high style and comfort. Many of our customers ask for light weight earrings but they also want volume. For most women who wear pierced earrings, they prefer an earring that brightens their face or compliments their attire, and feels comfortable. One of the problems we have heard over the years goes like this, “Those are so pretty but the stones are too heavy and will pull my earlobes to my shoulders.” Finding the perfect balance of comfort and style can be challenging for the wearer.

D.K.C. Designs is conscience of what women want and design beautiful “airy” earrings with just enough stones to give color and interest without pulling on delicate earlobes.  As an alternative, D.K.C Designs also offers a big look with all silver wire wrap without any stones that can’t be beat for a contemporary look.  You will hardly know you are wearing these earrings and may find yourself checking to make sure they are on your ears.  One of the added benefits is that their custom wires are more generous than manufactured mass-produced wires so many designers use.  Check out these beautiful options that go with everything and see for yourself how elegant and comfortable you feel in D.K.C Designs.

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Dazzling Me, Darling!

July 1, 2012 in Art,Art Gallery,Artists,Color,jewelry,Naweeya Designs | Comments (0)

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Only At Hunter-Wolff Gallery

If you love glamour and love jewelry, we have the perfect answer for you:  Naweeya Designs! Whether looking for something casual or something outstanding and stunning, Naweeya Designs are here.  Designer Naweeya Omer painstakingly spends hours sorting stones and finding the perfect color matches to create her unique pieces.  No two are alike.  She strings as many as 10 strands of beads and creates a garden of pearls and stones that are almost too beautiful to wear.

I like to describe Naweeya Designs as a symphony.  Naweeya starts with her supplies and materials, sorting and planning, making decisions on the type and size, or color of stones–faceted, polished, raw chunks of stones or pearls, abalone, silver, etc. Upon deciding on a theme, keeping in mind color, size, shape and other elements to bind a concept together for movement and purpose.  Should the design be formal, casual, or something in between?  It’s like making music.  All the elements need to come together in some type of order and make sense upon completion.

Her pieces dazzle the wearer and turn heads of admirers.  Naweeya Designs are always unique, no two alike, and difficult for other designers to copy because of her intricate detail.  We love Naweeya Designs and think you will too.  You don’t have to be a celebrty to feel like a celebrity–and you can find pieces that don’t break the bank. Her new summer collection is here and make perfect gifts for the woman who has everything and the woman who doesn’t mind buying herself a special reward.
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A Thing Of Beauty

February 20, 2012 in Art,Artists,Color,Custom Art,Fine Art,Hunter-Wolff Gallery,jewelry | Comments (0)

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Velvet Obsidian in Silver by DKC Jewelry

Pendants in Silver or Copper

Silver or Copper Pendants by DKC Jewelry

John Keats said it best, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever: its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness.”

I believe this is why woman understand a good piece of jewelry doesn’t just feel good now, but will last a lifetime, and it will increase in its loveliness through time.  And, if the piece is handed down to a daughter or granddaughter, the feeling of giving a good piece of jewelry to someone you love is just as important.  Remember, whether your piece is from Tiffany’s or made by a local artisan, you should love it and the piece should be the best quality you can afford. It is much better to have several good pieces that you can wear with nearly everything, than dozens of costume jewelry that will someday end up part of a kid’s Halloween costume.
Check out the exclusive line of wearable art by DKC Jewelry now at Hunter-Wolff Gallery.  The intricate designs and wiring around the stones are delicate and tasteful.  Women, who love style, will enjoy the look of these pieces  whether in their jeans or evening gown, and how they make a lady feel special!
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Naweeya’s World

January 25, 2012 in Art,Art Gallery,Artists,Colorado,Custom Art,Fine Art,jewelry,Naweeya Designs,Old Colorado City | Comments (0)

Naweeya (4th from L) is a Passionate Designer

Can you imagine a 4 year old working for food?  That’s exactly what Naweeya Omer and her six siblings had to do to survive growing up in a small village in Northern Thailand. Today, however, this Khmu woman from Northern Thailand helps feed the people of her village. She came to America 11 years ago and worked in Colorado as a designer/artist and entrepreneur.  With her can-do spirit she started Naweeya’s World with a dream to help the small village she left behind.  She knew she could help make a difference just by doing what she does best . . . create beautiful wearable art.

In addition to operating a day care center for working parents, she designs stunning jewelry and other wearable art.   At Hunter-Wolff Gallery she offers stylish, one-of-a-kind jewelry created from natural gem stones, shells, wood, seedpods, and other organic elements for an exclusive look.

Because life has not changed much since she left Northern Thailand, and there is little opportunity for work, she and her husband try to support a village in dire need.  Naweeya buys as much materials from Northern Thailand tribal villages as possible. Her creations are sold in the US and profits are returned to her much-loved homeland. She knows the hardships first hand and is driven to help make a better future for the Khmu children.  She returns 100% of the profits she earns through her sales.

Her success as an artist for the past decade has fed many families and helps provide supplies for educational and health care purposes. Last year she contributed $1,200 worth of rice and $4,000 for medical supplies and education materials to the Khmu children. All this was made possible through Naweeya’s World and your support. It’s our goal in 2012 to keep Naweeya’s dream alive and give the Khmu children a brighter future so little children never have to work for food.

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Bold & Bulging

January 9, 2012 in Art,Art Gallery,Color,Colorado,Custom Art,Fine Art,jewelry,Naweeya Designs | Comments (0)

Beautiful Chunky Floral Design by Naweeya Omer

There’s no getting around “Bold and Bulging” jewelry trends with over the top chunky features. Forget understated

. Go for the Bold dripping in a bucketful of colorful stones.  Turn any outfit into a head-turning, runway run-away. Not too long ago, we called these pieces “wearable art”.  But it seems all the department stores, boutiques and gift shops are jumping on a trend that isn’t ready to fade.
If you want those one-of-a-kind American made quality pieces with real stones, real silver and long-term wearability, then you need to buy from a reliable source.  Do you really think you can find quality at festivals and boutiques where they depend on volume sales?  Can you imagine finding something this gorgeous in a local mall boutique?  No way.  This piece took our designer long hours (and hours), after spending hours carefully planning unique designs.  Stop in and see for yourself.
If you really can’t see the difference, then let us show you.
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30 Minutes to More Joy

November 3, 2011 in Art,Art Gallery,Artists,Color,Colorado,Fine Art,Hunter-Wolff Gallery,jewelry | Comments (0)

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Fresh Water Stick Pearls by Ronee DelBianco

Fresh Water Stick Pearls by Ronee DelBianco

It only takes 30 minutes in a day to make life more enjoyable. Set aside 30 minutes every day and play with your kids or your dog outside. Enjoy the fresh air with some physical activity like walking, cycling, hiking, or exercising to boost your self-esteem and feel alive. Be sure to take time to relax after a busy day by reading a book, scheduling a vacation, enjoying and learning about original art. After your workweek is over, once a month, go to a great event like ArtWalk in Old Colorado City. It is free, relaxing and there are always fabulous people to meet! This month, November 4, you can get a jump on your holiday shopping and see some spectacular art, fine jewelry, and learn about new techniques. Get started with: 1. Play Outside and Exercise 2. Book A Vacation 3. Read A Book 4. Learn and Buy Art 5. Clear Away Clutter on Your Desk 6. Flip Your Mattress 8. Meet An Artist at ArtWalk

Happy people are always doing things.  Be one of them!

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What is Drusy?

December 30, 2010 in Art,Artists,jewelry | Comments (0)

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14KYPyriteDrusy ChromDioptase - Copy_2

Natural Rainbow Pyrite Drusy with Peridot, 14KY Gold

With several dozen natural and enhanced druzy pendants sparkling in Hunter-Wolff Gallery’s jewelry display, we occasionally hear,”What is Drusy?” Drusy is simply a thin layer of quartz crystals covering the surface of a host stone.  When mineral crystals such as garnet, chalcedony or amethyst form, there is sometimes a layer of condensed crystal points that harden on the surface of the stone. This translucent layer of tiny crystals formed in large numbers is known as a drusy encrustation.  Drusy crystals are often treated with titanium and oxygen vapor to enhance the drusy crystals for more vibrant blues, greens or purples while platinum can be used to create a silver or whitish hue. This application is a permanent enhancement and does not devalue the stone.

The colors of titanium-enhanced druzy are very hot and intensely bright; it shifts from a bright hot purple to a metallic deep blue with some shades of red. The colors differ with the change in the viewing angles for stunning pendants, earrings, pins and rings.

Whether you prefer Natural or Enhanced Drusy, no collection is complete without a drusy, and wearing Jewelry by Tana will make your friends say “WOW” and make you sparkle like the drusy you wear. Remember to always buy from reputable dealers like Hunter-Wolff Gallery for genuine titanium and silver coated drusies and other fine jewelry products.

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50 New Paintings

February 3, 2010 in Art,Artists,Events,jewelry | Comments (0)

From 6×8 to 54×60, art lovers will find a wide range of styles and genre added to the gallery walls this month.  Have you ever wondered what happens to the art that comes down off the wall to make room for new work?  If it didn’t sell or wasn’t placed on lay-away, it went back to the artist’s studio.  They will decide its fate.  Most galleries rotate their art regularly and artists will send pieces not sold in one gallery to other galleries, while other pieces may grace the artist’s own home.  At Hunter-Wolff Gallery, we typically rotate our work every 6-8 weeks.  Should you be a buyer who takes months to decide on a purchase, do not worry if the piece you want is not in the gallery when you come back.  If it is still available, we will do everything we can to get the piece back for you.  Worst case scenario, the artist will paint another piece matching your requirements. 

Stop in to see our new February collection.  Works by Marlene Kort, Jeannie Breeding, Laura Reilly, Ken Shanika, Katherine McNeill, Janelle Cox, Kathryn McMahon, John Sherman, Gene Sanchez,  Jean Houghton, Gary Vigen, Patience Heyl, Ruth Burink and Karen and Marc Pierce-Jenesel are waiting to hear your praise.  You can meet Jean Houghton and Sandy Murphy at the gallery on Sunday, February 7 (yes, before the Big Game) from 2-4 pm.  Both artists will be set-up to do educational demonstrations and take orders for custom pieces.

090917-68Lost in a Daydream, 16x12236 Mums In A Green Vase wsbSoulful Woman 30 x 30 (sm)

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HP Account Manager Joins Hunter-Wolff Gallery

January 27, 2010 in Art,Artists,jewelry | Comments (0)

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Mazarine Pendant

Brazilian SunsetHere Comes Treble

AIDS Ribbon as Pendant 2




Colorado Jewelry Designer Ruben Manuel

Colorado Jewelry Designer Ruben Manuel





We seem to find talent just about everywhere but recognizing the cream of the crop takes a careful eye and painful attention to detail.  Recognized as a top team player and project manager in the high-tech field, Ruben Manuel also wears another hat that showers him with accolades.  He is one of a handful of truly fine jewelry designers destined for the big league.  Move over Mr. David Yurman.Jewlery Pictures - photo 003

Ruben is passionate about many things in life and designing men and women’s jewelry is at the top of his list.  After examining a handful of his signature pieces and custom designs, I knew I stirred up the cream of the crop. . .  and wanted a Ruben for myself.  If you love elegance, sparkle, brilliant color, and exquisite design, you need a “Ruben”.


Topaz Pendant

A Ruben, aptly named after the designer, is a one-of-a-kind design in sterling silver featuring beautiful, high-quality gemstones and luxurious pearls for a “stop in your tracks” reaction.  Words can’t describe the feeling a woman gets from wearing a “Ruben” and we invite you to visit our website for a preview of our collection by Ruben Manuel Designs. Stop in to the gallery to feel a Ruben against your skin.  It’s delicious.

Faceted Gemstones "Bubbles"

Faceted Gemstones "Bubbles"

Stay tuned: More about the Ruben Manuel Design collections to unfold over the next few weeks with a major announcement in March 2010.

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It’s Never Too Late

December 22, 2009 in Art,Artists,jewelry | Comments (0)

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DSCN1714aspen-pot-wc5.5 x 2.5RedGoldVaseAutumnSonata28 x28In just a few days you and your loved ones will be gathering to exchange holiday gifts and good cheer.  You’ve heard it a hundred times, “it’s not the gift that counts but the thought”.  But, the truth is you want to give something that will be remembered).  If you are still scrambling to find the perfect art gift but are perplexed about what to choose, pick up a Gallery Gift Certificate.  Let your loved one pick exactly what they want.  We can gift box it for you or simply enclose it in a personally addressed envelope so you can hang it on the tree or slip it in the Christmas stocking.  Certificates from the gallery allow the gift certificate holder to select from our beautiful jewelry collections, hand-blown glass, pottery, original paintings, and more—all made right here in Colorado.  They can even mix and match or put your gift toward something bigger that can be placed on lay-away.  It’s Never Too Late to give the perfect gift. And remember, it’s always a great idea for birthdays, anniversaries, or any other special gift-giving time. Just call and we will help in a jiffy.

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