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Get Ready, Get Set . . . Let’s Chat

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photo marlene for bio_frmChat?  What’s that you ask?  It’s better than blogging, better than texting, better than yakking on the cell.  Actually our chat is a gallery talk and it involves an expert and the entire audience.  We hope you don’t miss out.

In just a few days you will get the chance to shake hands with and meet one of the loveliest people at Hunter-Wolff Gallery.  Marlene Kort. She’s dynamic, professional, highly intelligent and eager to share her knowledge to make you a more informed art enthusiast. Marlene is one of our most popular artists and top guest speakers ready to meet with you this week—Saturday, April 24.  Marlene plans to talk about her art career but, more importantly, she will explain how you can be more confident in assessing art and buying what you personally connect with.

In addition, she has been working for weeks preparing a small collection, “Savoring Colorado” to exhibit during her Gallery Talk session.  We know you will be glad you joined us when you hear what she has to say ….   

There is limited seating, so if you need to sit call ahead and reserve your place. 719-520-9494.  See you Saturday.  By the way, it’s all free and is from 2-4 pm, Saturday, April 24. 

Here’s another sneak peek at two more of her paintings in “Savoring Colorado”. UEntangleMe1530_fsmfrmEveonGoldenPond1114_frm

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Jazz Up Your World with Dodd

April 15, 2010 in Art,Artists,Events | Comments (0)

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Awakening 30x40 oil

Awakening 30x40 oil

La Luna

La Luna 18x24 oil

I can’t help myself; I’m simply a blabber-mouth. When we have great news, it is just impossible for me to keep quiet.  Bloggers are the first to hear the news about one of the finest Colorado artists joining our gallery.  Fran Dodd.  It’s been in the works for months now and finally we are so close, I can’t wait any longer. Remember her name because you will be seeing and hearing a lot about her.  The media will officially receive our news next week for release on May 1, followed by an Opening Reception to the public on May 7. Fran will be available in person to greet guests and unveil her “Color Me Beautiful” collection of oils and pastels. Several from the collection are on the website and available for pre-release sale. The savvy collectors will beat you to the punch so hurry to check it out.

 Why is she so special and creating a stir?  Just look at her art and you need to know little else.  She is a well-decorated artist. If you are looking for her credentials, we have them, but look at her art and who cares about credentials? If I lost all my senses except sight, I would be more than blessed to have her work in my world.  It is powerful.  It lights up your world. It sends you to a happy place. It makes you want more. Only those who have an affinity for black and white (the absence of any color) could disagree.  I invite you to share your reactions after you visit her work.

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Gallery Talk: Connecting with Collectors

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Best of Colorado, 18x24 Pastel

Best of Colorado, 18×24 Pastel

Colorado Fields, 11x14 Pastel

Colorado Fields, 11×14 Pastel

Ask someone what they think of a piece of original art and you will hear the unexpected. Everyone has an opinion and each is as unique as the individual.  So how do you know what makes a painting good? What is it about original art that is so captivating? Why do some paintings have a profound effect on the viewer and you can’t live without it?

As an art lover and gallery owner, I hear these questions frequently. Knowing the elements that make an original painting award-winning is key to building a beautiful collection that you will enjoy for a lifetime.

Come learn with us and be part of the circle of friends at Hunter-Wolff Gallery and learn what others only pretend to know.  Hear what one of our expert artists, Marlene Kort, says about choosing the best art you can afford. She will discuss how 2-D paint surfaces become a work of art and specifically how she achieves this with the pastel medium.  Elements of design and composition are like a roadmap unfolding the narrative of a good piece of art. These principles will apply to any form of art, decorating or design, and Marlene will point out tips that will make you a more knowledgeable collector and help you develop a better appreciation for original art.

Creativity is invigorating, come get inspired and take an artistic journey with Marlene at Gallery Talk: Connecting with Collectors Saturday, April 24, 2-4 pm.  Limited seating; call 719-520-9494 to reserve a seat.  It’s fun learning about art and it’s free.


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ArtWalk’s New Partners, New Friends

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It just takes a little excitement to put a smile on everyone’s face. There’s  definite excitement in the air with ArtWalk getting underway this Friday.  Setting up so much new art in the gallery and sharing it with art lovers is exhilarating.  The artists are filled with anticipation and excited to see how art-goers respond.  It’s time to emerge from winter hibernation and experience the excitement firsthand—before the tourists arrive in town looking for Colorado’s “good art prices”. 

The most exciting news is this year’s level of sponsorship and support for ArtWalk.  It’s true that ArtWalk is a popular event yet in an economic slump it is challenging meeting sponsorship goals. Fortunately, many generous sponsors came to our aid, and Ent Business Banking and their enthusiastic team of supporters took on the title sponsorship for ArtWalk. Ent’s Business Sales & Service Advisor Vikki Phillips shared there is excitement at Ent too for being part of the ArtWalk this year. They are a super bunch of people and they know how to make you feel special.  When you stop in at Hunter-Wolff Gallery during ArtWalk, you will get the chance to meet Stacy from Ent and I know there will be new friendships starting from the get-go.

You can learn more about our sponsors at and by joining us during ArtWalk—if you’re not too busy eye-balling all the great art work. If you do business at Ent, we’d like to hear what you think?  And if you can share tips to get help for events through sponsors, we’d like to know about that too. 

This stamp-sized image of John Sherman’s painting — from his Still Water Series — is amazing on the wall.  Let us know what you think of John’s work.  He’s working on a number of paintings in the series and if you like this one, you will love the others.


Still Water Red Reflection (48x36) by John Sherman

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