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Be Here Now; Turn-off Your Cell

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Still Water Reflections 36x48 by John Sherman

Are you too busy on your cell to enjoy life’s gifts? If you are always busy texting or have a phone attached to your ear like an appendage you have no idea what you are missing.  Put down the i-phone, stop texting and turnoff the cell for day and see what you are missing.  Life on the end of a phone will be there when needed. A friend once told me, “Be Here Now is my motto” and ever since I heard that I make every effort to live the “be here now” concept.  Life is so much sweeter and those little moments of joy can be so fleeting; I’d hate to miss it. 

Art is like that too.  When visiting a gallery, take an extra few minutes to truly look at the artwork – look deeply at the brush strokes, color palette, inhale the scent of oil, imagine yourself standing where the artist stood painting the scene.  Visiting means to go to see for a purpose, for inspection and examination.  When visiting a gallery or exhibit, there should be no cell phones, no distractions to interrupt your purpose. 

We urge you to examine and admire, to critique and praise, to escape and fantasize in the art work on the gallery wall and tabletops.  Artists create using their mind, heart and hands and you are missing the point of their work if you can’t “be here now” fully focused without texting messages on your i-phone.

Stop in for a visit and ask questions but be sure you inhale all the beauty at your finger-tips.  The rest of the world will be there when you leave.  I promise.

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