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Living Large, Large-Scale

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Grand Red Tree 55 x 70

Large-scale artwork isn’t for everybody.  But when a large room with ceilings that seem to extend to the sky, the biggest mistake you can make is to hang  undersized artwork.

John Sherman at Hunter-Wolff Gallery has been exhibiting work at this location in Colorado Springs for almost seven years and although collectors really love his red trees, they REALLY love his large-scale artwork.  The image to the left is an original called “Grand Red Trees” and it really is grand.  There is nothing like putting a bold, colorful painting with large blocks of color on a wall that needs big artwork.  Don’t make the mistake of hanging a bunch of little paintings in a grouping on a really big wall.  When  you need a 5, 6 or 7′ painting, go for it.  You will never regret it.
Too many gallery visitors tell us they made the mistake of  going with a smaller painting because it was less expensive and they thought they could save a few hundred dollars.   Price is always a consideration and everyone needs to watch their budget, but in the long run you will regret skimping on size because of a few dollars.  Look at the size of your walls and be realistic about what it needs.  Work with a decorator and tell them you want original artwork from regional artists to get the biggest bang for your buck if you don’t trust your own instincts.
Remember, one of your biggest investments in your life is your home.  Don’t devalue what you invested with prints and reproductions, or undersized artwork.  A big home is expensive and showcasing it will require an investment too.
Hunter-Wolff Gallery can help with your budget plan and find the most affordable, desirable art offered by regional artists in Colorado. Let us help with ideas and consider colorful, bold, unforgettable art like John Sherman’s red trees.
When you visit us in person and don’t see large-scale on the wall, ask about commissioning something special that fits your requirements and your personality.
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Comfort & Elegant

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D.K.C Designs

Is it too much to ask for style and comfort in an earring design? I can’t tell you how excited everyone working at Hunter-Wolff Gallery was when D.K.C Designs presented a new collection of jewelry that offered high style and comfort. Many of our customers ask for light weight earrings but they also want volume. For most women who wear pierced earrings, they prefer an earring that brightens their face or compliments their attire, and feels comfortable. One of the problems we have heard over the years goes like this, “Those are so pretty but the stones are too heavy and will pull my earlobes to my shoulders.” Finding the perfect balance of comfort and style can be challenging for the wearer.

D.K.C. Designs is conscience of what women want and design beautiful “airy” earrings with just enough stones to give color and interest without pulling on delicate earlobes.  As an alternative, D.K.C Designs also offers a big look with all silver wire wrap without any stones that can’t be beat for a contemporary look.  You will hardly know you are wearing these earrings and may find yourself checking to make sure they are on your ears.  One of the added benefits is that their custom wires are more generous than manufactured mass-produced wires so many designers use.  Check out these beautiful options that go with everything and see for yourself how elegant and comfortable you feel in D.K.C Designs.

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I Hate When That Happens

August 10, 2012 in Art,Art Gallery,Artists,Fine Art,Hunter-Wolff Gallery,Oils,Paintings,stylized realism | Comments (0)

Late In The Day

It has happened to all of us.  We see something we want to buy; have to have it; just need to wait a day and go get it, right?  Then we learn it was sold or discontinued and we can’t have it after all. Boy, I hate when that happens.

Today a new Clifford T. Bailey painting in his stylized realism technique arrived.  We receive one or two in this style a month and for the last 9 months, they have ALL sold within a week or two at the most.  We can’t keep more than a few in inventory.  They are amazing works of art and collectors can’t get enough.  We had zero in the gallery for the past week and I was so excited to get the mail today when “Late in the Day” arrived for the gallery.  I drooled with envy that someone else would buy this piece.  I already own one that I admire everyday in my living room but really wanted a second for the past two months.  I should get this one.

I decided I liked the size and loved the colors and it was another superior work of art.  Instead of doing what I should have done,  I put it on a small easel and placed it in our gallery window and went back to work.  Within 2 hours I was kicking myself I didn’t’ do what I should have done–wrapped it up, paid for it and put it in my car to go home.  Now it is owned by someone else and I can’t add it to my own collection.

Why do we hesitate when we know something is right for us? It was perfect in so many ways.  It was a good size that could fit almost anywhere; was affordable and I certainly had first pick.  I see customers do this all the time and I often think, “What are they waiting for?  It won’t be here next week.  These are such special pieces who would let such a wonderful work of art slip through their fingers?”

Now I am going to follow my own advice I so often give my clients, “Don’t hesitate when you love something like a fine piece of art.  You don’t always get second chances and an artist isn’t going to recreate something so special.  It can’t be done.  Get it now.  Or, at least put your name on the “wait list” for the next superior piece that arrives in the gallery!”

Did you know that galleries have a “Wait List”?  Hunter-Wolff Gallery will email or call you when new inventory arrives so YOU get first pick.  How special is that?  Get your name on the wait list and be the first to say, “Yes, I want that” and never hear yourself say, “I Hate When That Happens” when you lose out on something as special as a Clifford T. Bailey painting.

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