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September 4, 2010 in Art,Artists | Comments (0)

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Black Bowl with Aventerine Stripe

Black Bowl with Aventerine Stripe

There are many forms of glass art. Some you can even wear.  But we want you to see some of our spectacular fused pieces to adorn your home or office.  Our frequent visitors know Donna Gordon and her free-form blown glass.  Donna creates beautiful pieces from small table-top adornments to large, wall platters for a big splash. 

To complement our glass art, we just added Daniel Hewett’s bold, contemporary fused glass which is a very different process and look compared to blown glass. Fused glass is created by melting glass in a kiln.  Pieces are cut and arranged, heated in a kiln for several hours at 1400° to 1500°F. Individual pieces of glass liquefy and fuse (melt) together into a single piece of glass. When the glass has reached the desired state, the kiln is shut off, and annealing begins. Annealing is a slow cooling process to prevent internal stress (this process is similar to the process used for cooling down blown glass). Once the glass has returned to room temperature, slumping is begun. Shaped glass is suspended over a stoneware or stainless steel mold and slowly heated to take on the shape of the mold. As the glass reaches internal temperatures in the 1200° to 1350°F, the glass becomes soft yet pliable. The glass stretches and sags to fit the mold. As it reaches its desired shape, the kiln is shut down and annealing begins to cool the piece for its final stage. Dan’s contemporary pieces are eye-catching and now available at Hunter-Wolff Gallery.  If you love glass and how it feels to your touch, stop by for a close-up of  Donna’s blown glass and Dan’s fused art glass.  They both make great stand-alone pieces and happy partners with your wall art.

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