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Guest Blogger: Colorado Artist Gene Sanchez

February 26, 2010 in Art,Artists | Comments (0)

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Artist Gene Sanchez Sketches His Study

I recently read the book “Strapless” by Deborah Davis and wonder how many great paintings “nearly ended” their creator’s career?  It is a true story of Madame X (Virginie Amelie Avegno Gautreau) and artist John Singer Sargent and how their lives came together and ultimately resulted in Sargent’s great “Madame X” painting.  For those not familiar, Sargent entered his “Madame X” painting in the Paris 1884 Salon Exhibition and it created such a controversy that it nearly ended Sargent’s career.

Sargent was one of the most celebrated artists of his time and had been well received in all of his previous Salon entries, but for the 1884 Salon, he wanted to do something that would get Paris and the rest of the art world talking about his true artistic potential.  What did Sargent do that created such a stir?  During one of the painting sessions with Madame X, one of her straps fell down from her shoulder onto her arm and Sargent decided to leave it and paint it in the down position.  He thought it would raise a few eyebrows but certainly not the uproar that followed. How was this possible when paintings of nudes were routinely accepted in salon shows?


John Singer Sargent's Photo of Madame X with Fallen Strap

It’s a great story behind a great painting and it makes one wonder what other great stories remain untold about other great paintings.  Perhaps you’d like to share one of your stories.

You can find this wonderful book by Deborah Davis at Amazon in Sharon’s Book Store by clicking the tab above.

Gene Sanchez is a guest Blogger  but resident artist at Hunter-Wolff Gallery and we invite you to visit his current collection at our gallery or on-line. Examples of Gene’s work are posted below.


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