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Helping PTSD With Heart

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Artist Marlene Kort & SSgt. Anthony Ngo Devote a Day Fundraising

Success!  Thanks to the many supporters of a newly started fundraiser “Plates & Palettes” in Old Colorado City for combat veterans diagnosed with PTSD.

It’s exciting to witness so many caring people who want to give. In spite of difficult economic times, people find ways to help others.
It was easy for me to jump on board to support this small organization with a big dream. They have limited funding and a goal to take a results-driven program national.  This group of caring Coloradans recognizes the need for a solution, other than drugs, for our combat heroes when they have nowhere to turn for help with PTSD.
Anyone who has lived with this disorder knows how effective therapy can be because drugs are not always the answer.  Art therapy is an effective tool.  I am excited to be part of this effort and hope you too will consider helping this cause.  This is neither a government funded nor a national program (yet) and relies on private contributions to support material needs and costs associated with running a dedicated art therapy program.
Hunter-Wolff Gallery will continue to support the program however we can.  During October, we are offering the opportunity to purchase beautiful blown glass hearts for the cause.  Every heart sale makes a difference—to the many combat heroes and their families.
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Helping Combat Vets Get Art Therapy for PTSD

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Donna Gordon Glass Collection Hearts

I love my life as an American and think you probably do too.   This would be a different world without the men and women who serve our country in a uniform. I’m talking about our military forces here and abroad.  Those who serve in combat know their life is at risk but few think about the effects of trauma when they return home.  We are grateful when they come home to us but are not always prepared for the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  It’s real and it isn’t always addressed until too late.

The Wounded Warriors, Colorado Springs, foundation has partnered with Aspen Pointe to help our combat veterans through Art Therapy.  It’s an effective method of therapy and we are here to support this fine group of caring friends in any way we can.  We are reaching out to you too to help us raise funding for this important cause and help those in need of our help.

During the Month of October sales proceeds from our Donna Gordon Blown Glass heart collection will be donated to the program to show our gratitude.  In addition, on Sunday, October 16 from 1-5 pm we are participating in a fun afternoon of food, demonstrations and a silent auction.  Proceeds from the day and silent auction will also help this important program.  We hope to see you here and look forward to receiving your help.

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Really Hot Stuff

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From the Furnace to Home

Have you ever watched a surgeon perform a procedure and thought, “wow that looks fun”.  Maybe you even thought it looked easy.  That is how I felt when I watched Donna Gordon at her Colorado hot shop create a beautiful vase.  This was not my first visit and I expected to be uninspired seeing her work again since I’ve watched the process before several times.  Wrong.  She is amazing and glass blowing is incredibly difficult, labor intensive and VERY HOT. Aside from the intense heat, I thought maybe this time I would try one or two of the steps she performs but decided not to interfere with her rhythm.  She moves to and fro from the furnace to the glory hole, to the bench, to her torch, to her table for more colored frit and back to the glory hole. Like a dancer not missing a step.  I think I will just leave the glass blowing to the experts like Donna Gordon.

The Donna Gordon Glass Collection is refreshed with new work regularly.  She just finished blowing several dozen hearts for our October fundraiser to support the Wounded Warrior Art Therapy program.  Stop by and pick out your favorite color; they make great gifts and will make you feel great about yourself for helping our combat vets seeking help through Art Therapy.

Hearts to Support Wounded Warriors

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Memories in the Making

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Artist Marlene Kort

Artist Marlene Kort

As artists, we are all aware of how art forms can become a universal language, uninhibited by words, political, cultural or spiritual limitations.  Art, music, literature and dance have often bridged connections between people who might otherwise be unable to communicate.

Recently I became aware of another angle on this theme through the Memories In the Making® art program of the Alzheimer’s Association Colorado Chapter.  Through the freedom of art, those affected with Alzheimer’s are able to express feelings and ideas that may otherwise be trapped inside.  With brush strokes they pull us into their world and help us see their stories. 

The program began in 1986 when artist and caregiver Selly Jenny, whose mother had Alzheimer’s, began to use an art program to see what patients were able to reveal about themselves.  It grew from there, nationally and internationally, to include a training manual, an art exhibit and auction, a calendar, and much more.

Our local chapter will be holding a number of events in the next few months tied with this program.  Some of you may be participating in the palette program, where artists are given a traditional painter’s palette and asked to create a work of art directly on the palette, which will be auctioned off to raise funds for further research and development. 

Another program, which I am participating in, is a “pairing”, where I am paired with an Alzheimer’s patient and am using her work of art to inspire my own original piece.  These works will also be auctioned off as a fundraiser.

I am excited about this project for several reasons.  My grandmother had a very early onset of Alzheimer’s, a full decade before it became recognized and diagnostically identifiable.  Family members suggested that my grandfather was too domineering and wouldn’t allow her to think for herself as the source of her dementia.  We know now that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Probably no one reading this has been spared the touch of Alzheimer’s in their circle of family or friends.  I am excited to find yet one more way that our art can be a positive contribution in our society.

If you are interested in learning more about this program or the upcoming events in our community, here are some contacts;

2011 Memories in the Making Art Auction

April 29, 5:30pm ProRodeo Hall of Fame

Nancy Oxenhandler, Art Committee Co-Chair

Marlene Kort, Artist & Treasurer, Pikes Peak Pastel Society  

Brightness from the Shadows by Marlene Kort

Brightness from the Shadows by Marlene Kort

Blooming Tulips by Vera

Blooming Tulips by Vera

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