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Like Being In Love

February 14, 2015 in American Made,Art,Art Gallery,Artists,Colorado,Hunter-Wolff Gallery,Old Colorado City,Small Business | Comments (0)

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Come and Let Us Tell You Why We Are Passionate at Hunter-Wolff Gallery

What does it feel like to go to a job that you love every day? It feels like being in love. If you have been in love, you know that you want to be with that person as much as possible and that is how it feels when you are passionate about your job.  For the past 10 years,  I have never felt like the hard work it takes to create a successful business is hard work! Of course, it can be challenging but the joy and laughter one experiences by working at something they love, outweighs the challenges. For me, it feels like coming home when I arrive each morning.  Nearly every day I meet people who appreciate the talents of fine artists and share their passion for art whether they are buying their very first piece or their 100th piece. It is so exciting to be part of this process.

Like being in love, there are always surprises too.  I visited friends on a recent trip and although I knew they collected art, I had no idea how extensively.  It was exciting to see all their treasures. We had so many conversations about their collection over the course of my visit.  They clearly enjoyed telling the many, many stories about how they found each piece. On my last day, I noticed a wood-turned piece on a shelf and  was stunned to learn that it was created by an artist I represent at Hunter-Wolff Gallery.  The piece was signed and dated 1987 when Colorado artist Jerry Wedekind was just getting his start in the business.

If your career or business doesn’t give you joy like being in love, keep searching. Although I feel like I have the best job in the world, there is one downfall, however.  I want to bring all the beautiful artwork home with me. Everyday I am surrounded by beautiful art–-paintings, pottery, sculpture, blown glass and most importantly, wonderful, interesting people.

If your job doesn’t put a smile on your face every day, then explore fine art and you might find your world changing.

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Beauty from Devastation

August 2, 2014 in Art,Art Gallery,Artists,Hunter-Wolff Gallery,trees | Comments (0)

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BLKFtreeThe last two years have been trying for many Coloradans in the Colorado Springs area because of terrible wildfires.  At the time, it was hard not to think constantly about all the devastation and wonder how people directly affected would get through it.  The summer of 2014 is quite different for most residents in this area because of better weather conditions and lots of rain—almost daily.  But it is still hard to see the thousands of burned trees and chared hillsides where the flora and fauna once flourished.

Out of all that devastation, a creative artist and woodturner named Vinny Luciani at Hunter-Wolff Gallery has taken something so horrible and made something beautiful.  With salvaged Ponderosa Pine from the 2013 Black Forest fire, he makes lovely little tree ornaments.  His little trees include burned and unburned sections of the tree and are accented with crushed turquoise from one of Colorado’s turquoise mines in Cripple Creek.  These little jewels are a reminder of how quickly our natural resources can be devastated and how important it is to stay hopeful about the future.

We hope you have a safe summer and always return to find the home you love exactly the way you left it.  More information about Vinny Luciani’s Christmas tree ornaments can be found at our website or by calling 719-520-9494 during normal business hours.

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A World of Watercolor

December 3, 2011 in Art,Art Gallery,Artists,Colorado,Fine Art,Paintings | Comments (0)

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Bruce White with Gallery Owner Sharon Wolff

Another spectacular ArtWalk evening at Hunter-Wolff Gallery. After a brief break, all the Old Colorado City galleries will open their doors for First Friday ArtWalk in April 2012 again for more opportunities to meet guest artists and other art lovers.

Last evening, Hunter-Wolff Gallery introduced Bruce White from Littleton, Colorado and his color-saturated watercolors.  You can see more of Bruce White’s work on his webpage or during a visit to Hunter-Wolff Gallery at 2510 W. Colorado Avenue in Colorado Springs.   We look forward to your comments.


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Best of the Best in Colorado Springs

March 6, 2011 in Art,Artists | Comments (0)

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2011Best_Style_tnIsn’t it an honor to receive special recognition regardless of your mission? You and possibly a team of people, put effort into a plan and focus every day for excellence.  When outsiders recognize these efforts, singing praises, it is a humbling experience.  Like any other gallery in any other community, Hunter-Wolff Gallery is open to scrutiny and criticism by individuals and organizations every day.

That’s why it is important to always be at the top of your game. There’s no room for mediocrity or dissatisfied clients. It’s hard work pleasing the world around you, but making the effort has its rewards.  Yesterday, Colorado Springs Style magazine issued their 2011 Luxury Edition by identifying the “Best of the Best” in a variety of categories including “Best Small Gallery”. Being recognized by this particular magazine is a true honor. Having the opportunity to sit at the thrown with so many other prestigious “best” organizations is the reward we work for everyday.  With dozens of small galleries dotting the landscape of Colorado Springs, we are thrilled to receive this honor.  It shows hard work pays many dividends.

Thanks to all who voted for us and recognized the quality collections at Hunter-Wolff Gallery and efforts of its individual artists and staff. We hope you too are the best in your world.

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