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Caring for Customers

November 3, 2013 in American Made,Art,art education,Art Gallery,Best of the Springs,Colorado,Hunter-Wolff Gallery,Shop Small | Comments (0)

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HunterWolffGalleryfrontColor trends and fashions change year to year. One thing that never goes out of style is great customer care.  What some sellers forget, however, is that “customer care” MEANS caring. Caring is defined as “displaying kindness and concern for others” and that applies to the workplace.  Having served thousands of customers for most of my career, I am fairly certain that most will admit that when it comes to buying, price and perceived value come much lower on the list than one might expect.

At Hunter-Wolff Gallery, we know from experience that customers prefer to buy from sellers who deliver exceptional service and show they care by:

  • Connecting on a personal level while getting down to business
  • Being responsive to concerns and objectives
  • Sharing product knowledge with confidence
  • Listening (not talking!) to the customer and providing full attention to the customer
  • Taking time to fully understand every possible detail about the customer’s requirements and needs
  • Helping the customer avoid potential risks or drawbacks
  • Bringing  solutions, options and new ideas to the table
  • Developing a workable solution
  • Communicating the purchasing process in simple terms
  • Providing value above other options

When a seller cannot demonstrate that buying from them is the right course of action for the customer, the customer should buy elsewhere. All things being equal, most people would rather buy from somebody they like and that is true when all things are not equal too.  When someone walks out Hunter-Wolff Gallery’s door with or without a purchase, we want them to remember that we did everything possible to make their experience positive. Sounds simple doesn’t it?

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We Care About You

October 31, 2012 in Art,Art Gallery,Best of the Springs,Colorado,Fine Art,Hunter-Wolff Gallery,Old Colorado City | Comments (0)

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Marlene Kort, Ann Leago & Sharon Wolff

I had an experience recently visiting some art galleries that triggered this topic and hope to get your comments. The success of business is never based on one thing but delivering excellent customer care is critical. Unfortunately too many small business failures are due to poor customer service.  Many reasons can torpedo a business but failure to deliver platinum service is a sure way to sink revenues and lose credibility fast.

Because of this important priority, it is my responsibility as a business owner to ensure we are always at the top of our game. As often as possible, I try to visit other art galleries to see how they deliver customer service.  It is always my goal to learn ways to improve service for our customers.  I value every client that walks through Hunter-Wolff Gallery’s door and believe they deserve my full attention and the best customer care available.

On a day off recently, I drove to a well-known Colorado art district.  After a two-hour drive, I began my mission to learn something new.  Here’s what I learned. Six out of seven gallery representatives never said “hello” or looked up from their computer or desk to greet me.  I hovered, picked up things, walked in circles, and nothing.  None were busy with customers but seemed uninterested in me. If this is how visitors are normally greeted, then I now understand why many people feel uncomfortable in art galleries.  Only one representative looked up from her desk and said hello but never asked a question or tried to engage me in a conversation. How do they stay in business?

This was a shocking experience to me. Hunter-Wolff Gallery will always acknowledge you and your family.  You will always be greeted and feel welcomed. We will always take time to ask about your needs, tell you about our artists, their work, or anything else that is of interest to you. Good customer care begins with these basic courtesies. You will feel comfortable and we hope you bring your friends and family back for the next visit. If you don’t, please let us know what did not please you.  We make it our business to make your visit positive and help make your art collecting experience a pleasure with superior customer care.

I am interested to hear about your gallery visits, wherever you went, and if you have ideas or tips to help us improve the services we provide, let us know.


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Your First Choice

March 30, 2012 in Art,Art Gallery,Artists,Best of the Springs,Colorado,Fine Art,Honors,Hunter-Wolff Gallery,Marlene Kort,Old Colorado City | Comments (0)

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Ann Leago, Sharon Wolff & Marlene Kort, Gallery Representatives to Help You With All Your Art Needs

Hunter-Wolff Gallery is committed to being your first choice for art collecting.  We hand-select each piece of art with a careful eye to details, ensuring top quality and collectability. We select pieces as if they were being placed in our own home.

Winning your approval takes more than quality artwork.  We know you have options all over the world for buying art and jewelry.  That is why we believe you deserve the extra bonus of high customer service and complete satisfaction with your buying experience.  We promise to deliver with a smile and with the same enthusiasm you feel when visiting Hunter-Wolff Gallery.  We strive to make you feel like family when you visit.

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High Customer Satisfaction

March 18, 2012 in Art,Art Gallery,Artists,Award,Best of the Springs,Custom Art,Fine Art,Honors,Hunter-Wolff Gallery,Oils,Old Colorado City,Paintings | Comments (0)

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Cindy has a lot to smile about. She owns beautiful art from Hunter-Wolff Gallery

High customer satisfaction is key to business growth.

We make this our goal every day and watch for the smile on our customer’s face and listen for the compliment from their lips. We do not send surveys to our customers but everyone knows this too is an effect tool to measure customer satisfaction levels.  My yardstick is more personal.  I simply look for repeat sales, favorable comments and smiling faces.  By asking customers for feedback and if they would likely recommend our gallery to friends and family is my most effective method of measuring customer satisfaction. This way, should I learn that a customer is not 100% thrilled, I can address the problem immediately (it rarely happens but a business owner always wants to be prepared).

Receiving public recognition and awards is also an excellent indicator of “getting it right” but don’t forget to ask those who step through your door about their opinion. They are the ones who make a difference to your bottom-line.

Tip: For those repeat customers who keep you very busy, be sure to thank them in a way they least expect – with action that shows you are grateful for their business.


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Make Art Your Antidote

July 25, 2010 in Art,Artists | Comments (0)

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Pat, Sparky & Dave

Pat, Sparky & Dave

It’s easy to find things wrong in our world and there is no shortage of complaints. Maybe that is why so many people turn to art where they can be assured of comfort and joy.  It can whisk us away in a matter of moments to another place or time away from distress and worries.   The second someone steps into the gallery, I can see their expression change and  life’s burdens magically melt away.  And when I hand  a piece of art to its new owner, their expression is priceless. I know without hearing their words that the artwork has found a new caretaker who will treasure it forever.  Here is Pat and Dave with Sparky, new owners of two of Sparky LeBold’s oil paintings.  They couldn’t be happier. 



Ron Found A McMahon Treasure

Ron Found A McMahon Treasure

Ron too displays a big smile after purchasing a wonderful oil painting by Kathryn McMahon and placed another companion piece on “hold”. 

Buying artwork at today’s prices couldn’t be a better value … or be a better antidote for all the things wrong in our world. Fine art can make you too smile.  Try it!

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Mission Accomplished

July 21, 2010 in Art | Comments (0)

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Ann Leago, Event Planner

Our Newest Staff Member, Ann Leago, Event Planner

Offering art work that exceeds expectation isn’t the only thing on my mind 24 hours a day

When someone walks through my door or speaks with us via the telephone or email, I’m thinking about how I can make this a memorable experience for that person.  My staff and I take great pride in delivering high quality work but creating a pleasant and professional environment for a delightful buying experience is just as important.

What does that mean? It simply means following good business practices and following through with excellent customer care.  Offering a great environment that is comfortable and managed by a staff who understands the importance of excellent customer care is high on my list.  When customers meet my staff, they feel the same way I do about these top-notch professionals the instant they are greeted with, “hello, welcome to Hunter-Wolff Gallery  . . .” We serve clients with sincere interest, good listening skills, and a desire to fill requests—even when we don’t have what is desired.  Just ask the mom who came in with her tearful 8 year old son whose dog just ate his stuffed, toy buffalo. Of course, I don’t sell stuffed animals or children’s toys but that didn’t stop me from finding out who did. I immediately called another store nearby who I knew carried little, stuffed animals and hopefully a buffalo.  Guess who was my happiest customer that day?  Yes, little 8 year old Colin.

Every day we are presented with opportunities to exceed expectations. And every day we are ready at Hunter-Wolff Gallery with experts who are eager to discuss, explain, educate, and find ways to meet your art (or stuffed animal) needs. We hope you will stop in soon to meet Marlene Kort, an accomplished pastel artists and superb customer care-giver on most Tuesdays.  Then come back on Wednesday and meet our new Event Planner and gallery representative, Ann Leago, who will serve and welcome you with an eagerness and warm smile that is hard to match.

Marlene Kort working on another great pastel painting

Marlene Kort working on another great pastel painting

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