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Humanitarian Efforts: Painting for Change

September 15, 2010 in Art,Artists,Events | Comments (0)

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Marlene Kort Makes A Promise

Marlene Kort Makes A Promise

This past June, artist Marlene Kort and her family visited Zambia, Africa.  Zambia is a beautiful and peaceful country and home to some of the best game parks in the world.  They were excited to visit their oldest daughter who was working with orphan groups in Lusaka, to see some of the remarkable game, and to connect with locals–and how they did!

In spite of its beauty, Zambia continues to be ravaged by HIV/Aids.  Life expectancy is 38 years, 86% of Zambians live below the international poverty line of $1 a day, and an outrageous 23% of the children are orphans. Only about 57% of the children ever have the opportunity to go to school, despite their desire to learn and have a better life.

The journey started in northeast Zambia at Flatdogs Camp in the South Luangwa Valley.  The small traditional village of Mfuwe sits a few miles outside the game park. Through the efforts of conservation groups, indigenous game numbers are improving and elephant and lion populations are being restored.  From a global perspective, this is good.  However, the now protected game freely wanders beyond the park boundaries to terrorize villagers and trample what few crops survive harsh conditions.  Although tourism in the game park provides employment for some villagers, there is a high cost for living close to these dangerous animals.

50 Children One Class Room

50 Children One Class Room

Several of the safari companies have served this park for generations and take measures to give back to the community.  At Flatdogs Camp, friends are part of this effort through Project Luangwa, a fund to support conservation, education and provide micro loans to families trying to start sustainable small businesses.

For example, when one of Flatdogs’ village employees noticed how many children were wandering the streets unattended all day, he decided to take action.  Most were orphans, living on whatever food and shelter could be found.  He began a small preschool, called Chiyembekezo School, which currently provides half day school for 50 young children.  A local church lends space and one very creative teacher gets paid whenever there is enough money. Supplies consist of a single chalkboard, some small plastic chairs, and children who are eager to learn.  There are no books, toys, snacks or essential teaching aids for learning.

The Korts visited the school and spent time holding and playing with the kids and were smitten.  Smitten and convicted! In addition to giving some financial help, Marlene made a promise that as an artist she would do some “Paintings For Change.”

Hope Brings Smiles

Hope Brings Smiles

Currently, Marlene has completed three paintings reflective of the area.  Profits from these works will go directly to the Chiyembekezo School.  It takes only about $10 a month to turnaround the life of a child in Zambia through education.  Marlene says, “I  know that ultimately Zambia’s future will be best served through local leadership, so supporting education, especially by giving young children an early start, can be a tremendous investment in future changes. I would love to talk more about Zambia.  Feel free to visit with me at one of the upcoming gallery events, or for more information on these projects check out these web pages.”

Next month, Artist Marlene Kort is contributing a beautiful acrylic grouping of ten paintings in celebration of Hunter-Wolff Gallery’s 5th Anniversary on October 1 for a silent auction.  All proceeds will benefit the children’s Chiyembekezo School in Zambia, Africa.

If you can help or know other ways to make a difference, contact Marlene or Sharon at Hunter-Wolff Gallery at


Call to Place Your Bid 719-520-9494


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Get Ready, Get Set . . . Let’s Chat

April 18, 2010 in Art,Artists,Events | Comments (0)

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photo marlene for bio_frmChat?  What’s that you ask?  It’s better than blogging, better than texting, better than yakking on the cell.  Actually our chat is a gallery talk and it involves an expert and the entire audience.  We hope you don’t miss out.

In just a few days you will get the chance to shake hands with and meet one of the loveliest people at Hunter-Wolff Gallery.  Marlene Kort. She’s dynamic, professional, highly intelligent and eager to share her knowledge to make you a more informed art enthusiast. Marlene is one of our most popular artists and top guest speakers ready to meet with you this week—Saturday, April 24.  Marlene plans to talk about her art career but, more importantly, she will explain how you can be more confident in assessing art and buying what you personally connect with.

In addition, she has been working for weeks preparing a small collection, “Savoring Colorado” to exhibit during her Gallery Talk session.  We know you will be glad you joined us when you hear what she has to say ….   

There is limited seating, so if you need to sit call ahead and reserve your place. 719-520-9494.  See you Saturday.  By the way, it’s all free and is from 2-4 pm, Saturday, April 24. 

Here’s another sneak peek at two more of her paintings in “Savoring Colorado”. UEntangleMe1530_fsmfrmEveonGoldenPond1114_frm

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Gallery Talk: Connecting with Collectors

April 10, 2010 in Art,Artists,Events | Comments (0)

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Best of Colorado, 18x24 Pastel

Best of Colorado, 18×24 Pastel

Colorado Fields, 11x14 Pastel

Colorado Fields, 11×14 Pastel

Ask someone what they think of a piece of original art and you will hear the unexpected. Everyone has an opinion and each is as unique as the individual.  So how do you know what makes a painting good? What is it about original art that is so captivating? Why do some paintings have a profound effect on the viewer and you can’t live without it?

As an art lover and gallery owner, I hear these questions frequently. Knowing the elements that make an original painting award-winning is key to building a beautiful collection that you will enjoy for a lifetime.

Come learn with us and be part of the circle of friends at Hunter-Wolff Gallery and learn what others only pretend to know.  Hear what one of our expert artists, Marlene Kort, says about choosing the best art you can afford. She will discuss how 2-D paint surfaces become a work of art and specifically how she achieves this with the pastel medium.  Elements of design and composition are like a roadmap unfolding the narrative of a good piece of art. These principles will apply to any form of art, decorating or design, and Marlene will point out tips that will make you a more knowledgeable collector and help you develop a better appreciation for original art.

Creativity is invigorating, come get inspired and take an artistic journey with Marlene at Gallery Talk: Connecting with Collectors Saturday, April 24, 2-4 pm.  Limited seating; call 719-520-9494 to reserve a seat.  It’s fun learning about art and it’s free.


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Art Education: Sculpting Young Minds

December 7, 2009 in Art,Artists,Events | Comments (0)

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Burink_Studio101notesDo you know how simple it is to take an active role in art education for your child? Not only is it simple but it is important because depending on their school curriculum to fill that role may leave you and him disappointed. Art education cultivates the imagination, self-expression and creativity, and plays a vital role in the development of critical thinking and problem-solving. Parents can take easy steps to help with art education by simply visiting local galleries and museums. Parents can also encourage the child’s art teacher to take the class on field trips to local galleries.

Burink_ExaminingSculptureArt Studio 101 and their more advanced students spent some after-school hours recently visiting Hunter-Wolff Gallery to learn about the challenges of stone sculpting from local sculptor Ruth Burink.

The kids had a great time examining dozens of diamond-edge sculpting tools and sample stone materials supplied by Burink. Each student, explored the sculpture on exhibit while taking notes and asking questions. They were introduced to different types of stone, including Colorado marble from Marble, Colorado, where the 100-ton block of marble came from to create the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Although it will be some time before these eager beginners are ready to work with all the sophisticated tools used by an accomplished sculptor, they are clearly inspired and eager to develop basic skills using wood under the watchful eye of their art instructor, Rhonda Conn-Parent.

Don’t make the mistake of denying you child the opportunity to learn, enjoy and excel through the arts. Taking your kids to a gallery is fun, free and a great way to spend quality time together. Hunter-Wolff Gallery is located at 2510 W. Colorado Avenue and features regionally recognized artists working in a range of mediums including mini- and large-scale paintings, blown glass, jewelry, ceramics and pottery, sculpture, wood turnings and other fine works of art.

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