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Learn About Art At ArtWalk

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ArtWalkImage2015Old Colorado City (Colorado Springs) offers a monthly art event, every first Friday of the month, that welcomes all ages and is family friendly.  If you are looking for a way to stretch your legs and learn something new about art, get your walking shoes on and expect to spend at least 2 hours admiring, learning, and considering new art. With 15 venues along Colorado Avenue, from 23rd to 27th Streets, you will find something to peak your interests. Hundreds of artists exhibit work and there is no shortage of styles and techniques.

At Hunter-Wolff Gallery, 2510 W. Colorado Avenue, ArtWalkers have the opportunity to meet many artists.  On April 3, David Newton, Justin Clements, Gina Grundemann, Gary Vigen, Marlene Kort, and many others will be available to answer questions.  Selling art is their livelihood and we can’t think of a better way to support artists than to come prepared to fall in love with original art and take it home to admire in your own home.

Hunter-Wolff Gallery will also have staff on hand to help guide you through the gallery if needed and point you in the direction for the next discovery along W. Colorado Avenue.

What do you think of these examples of art work being shown at Friday, April 3 ArtWalk?

MP002_003 TwilightPasture8x10 WaterWayBeyond WB-1110sm



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Like Being In Love

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Come and Let Us Tell You Why We Are Passionate at Hunter-Wolff Gallery

What does it feel like to go to a job that you love every day? It feels like being in love. If you have been in love, you know that you want to be with that person as much as possible and that is how it feels when you are passionate about your job.  For the past 10 years,  I have never felt like the hard work it takes to create a successful business is hard work! Of course, it can be challenging but the joy and laughter one experiences by working at something they love, outweighs the challenges. For me, it feels like coming home when I arrive each morning.  Nearly every day I meet people who appreciate the talents of fine artists and share their passion for art whether they are buying their very first piece or their 100th piece. It is so exciting to be part of this process.

Like being in love, there are always surprises too.  I visited friends on a recent trip and although I knew they collected art, I had no idea how extensively.  It was exciting to see all their treasures. We had so many conversations about their collection over the course of my visit.  They clearly enjoyed telling the many, many stories about how they found each piece. On my last day, I noticed a wood-turned piece on a shelf and  was stunned to learn that it was created by an artist I represent at Hunter-Wolff Gallery.  The piece was signed and dated 1987 when Colorado artist Jerry Wedekind was just getting his start in the business.

If your career or business doesn’t give you joy like being in love, keep searching. Although I feel like I have the best job in the world, there is one downfall, however.  I want to bring all the beautiful artwork home with me. Everyday I am surrounded by beautiful art–-paintings, pottery, sculpture, blown glass and most importantly, wonderful, interesting people.

If your job doesn’t put a smile on your face every day, then explore fine art and you might find your world changing.

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Lessons Learned+

January 18, 2015 in American Made,Art,Art Gallery,Artists,Award,Colorado,Hunter-Wolff Gallery,Oils,Old Colorado City,Paintings,Teaching | Comments (0)

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Roses in TerraCotta 10x8 by Justin Clements

Roses in Terracotta 10×8 by Justin Clements


A wise man told me nearly 40 years ago, “Always buy quality. Quality products last long after the price is forgotten.”  It doesn’t matter what you purchase, there is no substitute for top-grade quality and that goes for artwork too. Quality artwork is made with quality materials and showcased in quality frames and platforms.

Furthermore, what you do with your fine art makes a difference too.  Making your home inviting and comfortable by adding beautiful, original art isn’t the whole story. Displaying art correctly is as important as selecting the right art. It’s often a daunting job finding the right art and resources you can trust.  That’s why Hunter-Wolff Gallery offers helpful services to help complete the job of displaying your art for the most impact. When working on a bigger project that involves assembling an entire room, bring your color swatches, wall and key furniture measurements and your personal style.

To make your home inviting and beautiful means hand-picking and displaying timeless (quality) pieces correctly so they can be fully appreciated.  For example, hanging paintings too high or too low disrupts the room balance.  Worse is hanging “bargain” filler pictures/prints because you “need something decorative to fill up space”.

Lack of originality and quality sends a reminder every day.  You will enjoy your home more and your art when it reflects your style and echoes a sense of originality and harmony. Ask for guidance and acquire quality original art over time. Sharon at Hunter-Wolff Gallery will help you present your quality art properly and ensure artwork is hung correctly. Just ask!

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Spring Into Art

March 15, 2014 in American Made,Art,Art Gallery,Artists,Color,Colorado,Hunter-Wolff Gallery,jewelry,Justin Clements oils,Oils,Paintings,Pottery | Comments (0)

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Tired of winter and sub-zero temps?  Us too!  In a few days we can officially think Spring!   At Hunter-Wolff Gallery, Spring means an acceleration of activity to freshen up the gallery  and add new inviting artwork. When you visit, you will enjoy new work  by David Ridge, Fred Lunger, Katherine McNeill, Justin Clements and more. Our display cases are bursting with delicate, eye-catching druzy necklaces along with spring colored stones in pea-pod green mixed with blue glass, and the bluest of blue Murano glass jewelry  with other springy colors by a variety of jewelry designers.  Hunter-Wolff Gallery now has an influx of beautiful pottery by Tony Heslop. The icing on the cake is Justin Clements new collection of still life beauties and landscapes.  He is also one of the featured artists in American Art Collector (March 2014).  The images selected for the article are of original oils available only at Hunter-Wolff Gallery.

For those who are collectors of art, seasoned or just getting started, don’t miss an opportunity to add Justin Clements oils to your collection.  He is  a young painter with an old soul and amazing gift.  His prices are inviting and we expect his work to be increasing in value over time.  While enjoying the great weather coming your way and the splendor of spring, take time to visit Hunter-Wolff Gallery and let us know what catches your eye.  We love to  hear how our spring collection gets your attention.


JustinClementspage2 PeoniesInGlass

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Picking the Right Wall Color for Your Art

May 1, 2013 in Art,Art Gallery,Artists,Color,Hunter-Wolff Gallery | Comments (0)

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What color would you paint your wall, if hanging this painting in a "frosty" room?

It isn’t unusual for art galleries to choose white, beige or pale gray backgrounds for their display walls to keep the focus on the artwork. But, at home, if your art and furnishings aren’t as fine as a gallery, do just the opposite and use rich, intense color on your walls. If you make color your focal point and first impression, those tatty pieces you can’t wait to replace will become less noticeable.

Colored walls also compensate for poor architectural details. If you have beautiful moldings, trim, niches or built-ins, your walls look great in most any color. Some architectural designs are better in whites and beiges but the use of bold color to distract the eye can create something special where the builder didn’t.

If your room gets lots of sun and sometimes feels “too warm”, cool it down by painting the walls with a cool color. Likewise, if your room feels too frosty, warm it up with a warm paint color. The way we perceive a room affects the way we feel, and you can balance the extremes with the right color and the right art work.

When you are ready to replace your “less-than-fine” artwork, visit Hunter-Wolff Gallery in person and bring the color chips you used to paint your walls so we can help you find “more-than-fine” artwork.

For more paintings by fine artists, like Pamela Poll, visit



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Customer Satisfaction

June 24, 2012 in Art,Art Gallery,Custom Art,Fine Art,Hunter-Wolff Gallery | Comments (0)

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Sharon & AnnWhy is gallery owner Sharon Wolff and art associate Ann Leago smiling? It’s easy to smile when we know you are happy with your shopping experience at Hunter-Wolff Gallery. Sharon, Ann, and Marlene (absent from photo) and 30-some artists are pleased to be able to bring art enthusiasts beautiful works of art. Sometimes we are able to arrange for a piece to be custom made when what we have is not the right size, color, or fails to meet your requirements.  If a client tells us they love something but can’t know for sure about how it will work in their space for a variety of reasons, we send our customer home with it for a “test drive”, and if it has to come back because it did not work out, then that is okay.

Always ask if you can take a piece you love home for a “test drive” if you love it but are concerned about color matches or size.  If you are sure it is not working within a day or two, then we expect our clients to return it. We want you to be happy and to smile like Sharon, Ann and Marlene.  We know, and you know too, happy customers come back and happy customers are our favorite people.

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Believe and It Will Happen

April 22, 2012 in Art,Art Gallery,Artists,Award,Best of the Springs,Fine Art,Honors,Hunter-Wolff Gallery | Comments (0)

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Frank Lloyd Wright said it best, “The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen.”

Believing is the first step to achievement, and then it is all about hard work, focus, integrity, and surrounding yourself with the best people you can find. At Hunter-Wolff Gallery we always look for the best artists to represent and do the best for them to meet their goals and our own business goals. Achieving recognition like “Best of the Springs” is meaningful and humbling.  We thank all the Gazette voters and believers in Hunter-Wolff Gallery for their approval and continued support.  Thank you for reminding us you are always there watching and judging.

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A World of Watercolor

December 3, 2011 in Art,Art Gallery,Artists,Colorado,Fine Art,Paintings | Comments (0)

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Bruce White with Gallery Owner Sharon Wolff

Another spectacular ArtWalk evening at Hunter-Wolff Gallery. After a brief break, all the Old Colorado City galleries will open their doors for First Friday ArtWalk in April 2012 again for more opportunities to meet guest artists and other art lovers.

Last evening, Hunter-Wolff Gallery introduced Bruce White from Littleton, Colorado and his color-saturated watercolors.  You can see more of Bruce White’s work on his webpage or during a visit to Hunter-Wolff Gallery at 2510 W. Colorado Avenue in Colorado Springs.   We look forward to your comments.


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Homage to Earle

December 1, 2011 in Art,Art Gallery,Artists,Color,Colorado,Custom Art | Comments (0)

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Homage to Earle-Deep Shadows

Eyvind Earle’s work inspired many artist during his lifetime and continues today.  As a young boy at age 10, he started his life’s work as an artist.  Although he passed in 2000, at the age of 84, his work lives on. You have seen his work, if not original pieces, certainly prints and limited editions, and even greeting cards.  He was a prolific artist creating unique paintings, sculptures, scratchboards, watercolors and drawings that have not been publicly seen or exhibited. Eyvind Earle Publishing LLC, under the specific instruction of the late Eyvind Earle, will continue the legacy of the artist, promoting and introducing new serigraphs and books through galleries worldwide. To learn more about this amazing artist go to:

You can see how he inspired contemporary Colorado artist, Clifford T. Bailey.  The style and mood of Bailey’s work  might make you think they studied together.  We are very excited to be able to present the work of Clifford T. Bailey and his “Homage to Earle, Deep Shadows”.  Could they have studied together?

UPDATE:  No, they did not study together, but Clifford did meet Eyvind Earle when he was 14 years old and several times during his youth.  It was Mr. Earle who influenced Clifford Bailey’s pursuit of art and becoming an artist.  After seeing the master’s work, there was no turning back for Clifford. THIS PAINTING SOLD IN LESS THAN 30 minutes after arriving in the gallery on December 2.

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Lost in Watercolors

November 29, 2011 in Art,Art Gallery,Artists,Fine Art,Hunter-Wolff Gallery,Paintings | Comments (0)

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Vernazza Cinque, Terra Italy

All it takes is a slight change in temperature and that chill in the air makes me think of deep blue water, white beaches, and sunny skies.  When you cannot drop everything and leave town for your dream vacation, you can easily take a side trip and get lost in a Bruce White watercolor.

Bruce White takes his viewer to the edge of the water, where it is easy to get lost in the pounding surf. Being an avid traveler, he isn’t stingy with “dream-vacation” subject matter and keeps his collection interesting with exciting destinations.  It is easy to leave home and visit the Amalfi Coast, or the slopes of Colorado.  If you have ever been to these places, you can revisit anytime your mind begins to drift …..

We love having Bruce White’s watercolors at Hunter-Wolff Gallery because they add a bold splash of color and  help me think about sailing away on my next vacation plans.

Meet Bruce at his first Hunter-Wolff Gallery Opening, Friday, December 2 from 5-8 pm.

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