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Christmas is Almost Here and You Still Need Ideas!

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christmas-treeEvery year Christmas seems to come faster than the year before and every year it seems to be harder to think of new ideas.  Are you struggling with balancing your budget and finding a gift that doesn’t look like it came from the local pharmacy?If socks and ties and drug store cologne aren’t working for you, good! Start thinking about unique gifts that show you care.  At Hunter-Wolff Gallery, we help clients every day purchase affordable gifts for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and the holidays.  We listen and understand that you are feeling a little stressed as we get closer to Christmas and you really don’t want to disappoint those who are so important to you. Here are a few ideas on some items available at different price points:

Under $100 for Her or Him

  1. Hand-blown glass hearts by Donna Gordon, starting at $65
  2. Hand-blown “paper weights” in tear-drop form by Donna Gordon, starting at $40
  3. Vases, Platters, and other functional pottery by Tony Heslop, starting under $20
  4. Jewelry by four different designers, starting under $30
  5. Decorative raku by Mark Wong, starting at $35
  6. Decorative/functional clayware and glass bowls, plates, and other tableware by Kerry Brooks, starting at $35
  7. Lamps and raku vessels in a variety of glazes by Tony Heslop, starting at $35

$100-$500 for Her or Him

  1. Wood turned vessels and bowls (he will love!), starting at $150
  2. Blown glass  plates, vases, and more by Donna Gordon, starting at $140
  3. Oil and pastel paintings beautifully framed by multiple artists, starting at $145
  4. Whimsical flying Texas-Longs with Bunnies by Madalyn Kae, starting at $225
  5. Unique raku Glow Pots by Marc Jenesel, starting at $335
  6. Blown glass by Jennifer Nauck starting at $400
  7. Beautiful pendants and bracelets, starting at $95

Just let us know your budget and we promise to keep you on track, save you time by gift wrapping, and keeping everyone’s blood pressure where it should be!   Check our website at or call for immediate help: 719-520-9494. Happy Holidays!  Happy Shopping!



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Out of the Box

March 8, 2011 in Art | Comments (0)

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2.25" x 2.25" x 2.25" Glass Box

Do you ever wonder why glass draws your attention even when you are not looking for it?  Could it be the color, texture or maybe just the process it takes to create it?  Check out these three forms of glass at Hunter-Wolff Gallery:  blown glass by Donna Gordon, fused glass by Dan Hewett and, most recently, crystal glass achieved through the lost wax method of casting by Hibri Glass.

These newest offerings are limited edition (47% lead glass) crystal boxes, with removable lids and  textured patterns in soft pastel colors.  Pick from soft powder blue, amber, lavender and a host of other colors.  At close inspection, each delicately designed box is accented with connecting patterns of figures.  The boxes feature Haida motifs of the Northwest Canadian Indians with interlocking totem animals.

 We are anxious to learn what our glass collectors think and welcome feedback on these uniquely hand-crafted glassworks that take an indeterminable amount of time to design and craft. For glass collectors looking for something slightly different and functional, we think you will find these little gems perfect for a gift—for someone special or for yourself.  Glass is always a welcomed treasure in every collection.


Copper-Purple Box_tnCitrine-Apricot Box_tnPurple-Pink Box_tnCitrine Box_tn

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It’s Never Too Late

December 22, 2009 in Art,Artists,jewelry | Comments (0)

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DSCN1714aspen-pot-wc5.5 x 2.5RedGoldVaseAutumnSonata28 x28In just a few days you and your loved ones will be gathering to exchange holiday gifts and good cheer.  You’ve heard it a hundred times, “it’s not the gift that counts but the thought”.  But, the truth is you want to give something that will be remembered).  If you are still scrambling to find the perfect art gift but are perplexed about what to choose, pick up a Gallery Gift Certificate.  Let your loved one pick exactly what they want.  We can gift box it for you or simply enclose it in a personally addressed envelope so you can hang it on the tree or slip it in the Christmas stocking.  Certificates from the gallery allow the gift certificate holder to select from our beautiful jewelry collections, hand-blown glass, pottery, original paintings, and more—all made right here in Colorado.  They can even mix and match or put your gift toward something bigger that can be placed on lay-away.  It’s Never Too Late to give the perfect gift. And remember, it’s always a great idea for birthdays, anniversaries, or any other special gift-giving time. Just call and we will help in a jiffy.

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