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From Colorado’s Back Country to Your Front Door

December 30, 2014 in American Made,Art,Colorado,Old Colorado City,trees | Comments (0)

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Two-Tiered Juniper Table by Jerry Wedekind

Two-Tiered Juniper Table by Jerry Wedekind

This time of the year, are you planted in front of your TV or snuggled up with a good book in front the fire? Sounds comfortable, doesn’t it? Unlike those of us who prefer the comforts of home when the temperatures dip below freezing, Jerry Wedekind is one of those rare beings who would prefer the outdoors over the indoors anytime of the year.

He is a real outdoorsman with a special gift.  He loves the wilderness and scours Colorado back country for his greatest love – “the finest aged wood” to create breathtaking hollow turned burl vessels and artistically twisted juniper for tables and benches.  Real sculptural pieces of art!

It only takes about 15 seconds of listening to Jerry to learn how serious he is about his craft. Not many artists go to the extremes Jerry does to produce handcrafted art made from aspen, juniper and other beautiful Colorado wood. He often takes flight in a small aircraft, searching like an eagle in the sky, to locate rare and unusual burls—which from the sky look like a black target against the white aspen bark and snow covered ground. Using his GPS, he records the location of each potential piece to collect after the snow melts.

Aspen Burl Vessel by Jerry Wedekind

Aspen Burl Vessel by Jerry Wedekind

When he’s not turning objects in his shop, Jerry is hiking or mountain biking to collect potential wood he can’t visually identify from the sky. He says, “When I’m on a trail, I have one eye on the trail and the other fixed upon the surrounding landscape in a constant quest for the raw materials I need for my turnings and tables.”  Maybe it only takes one good eye for Jerry, but I think he just has a sixth sense about these things since he has been doing it for years.  Stop in and see (with both your eyes) these beautiful burl vessels and juniper tables.

You are a click away from more work by Jerry. More details about Jerry in a previously published article, February 2013, titled “Hardship Builds Character”.


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