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Layaway Pays Smile Dividends

June 11, 2012 in Art,Art Gallery,Artists,Events,Fine Art,Hunter-Wolff Gallery,Oils,Paintings | Comments (0)

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Artist Janelle Cox with A Happy Collector

Everyone wants to be happy and have good health.  You can find all kinds of articles on how happiness affects your health.  How you define your own happiness and what makes you happy might be different from others, but we know happy when we see it at the gallery.

Dale from Colorado Springs had been saving up for this beautiful oil painting and planned to buy it before someone else got it.  And the day he picked it up, he was thrilled to learn the artist, Janelle Cox, was in town for a special Opening reception.  It seemed like everyone was super-happy on this occasion.

By the way, Dale was smart because he saved for the down-payment, and then made sure the painting was his by placing it on layaway so he would not risk losing it while he saved for the balance.  You too can acquire the art that makes you happy  by using our no-add cost layaway program.  Don’t let the good ones get away…layaway is so convenient and easy. Try it!

See how it made Dale smile?


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March Brings Springtime Art

March 15, 2010 in Art,Artists | Comments (0)

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Springtime in Sangre de Cristo Mountains
Springtime in Sangre de Cristo Mountains by Laura Reilly

Isn’t March a funny month?

Here in the southern region of Colorado we enjoy flip-flops one day and snow the next.  It’s hard to complain when there are signs of spring everywhere.  Regardless of what it is doing outside, the art world keeps turning and churning.

Only the Two of Us by Janelle Cox

Only the Two of Us by Janelle Cox

This week we had several wonderful reminders of spring  in the gallery.  Laura Reilly delivered several bright and sunny landscapes and florals reinforcing that warm weather is just around the corner.  Jean Houghton dropped off three yummy 10×10 pastels and a 14×18 Yellow Roses (beautiful!) all making me eager to get in the garden (since it is snowing today, it may be a while yet). Janelle Cox is dreaming about spring and the brief showers we sometimes get this time of year.  I wonder where my umbrella is?


Yellow Roses by Jean Houghton

Yellow Roses by Jean Houghton

We have more coming in the next two weeks as we prep for ArtWalk on April 2.  The gallery seems to be in ‘full bloom” with new work and more is scheduled for delivery by John Sherman, Terry Lombardi and Kathryn McMahon.

If you love spring, you are going to love how spring found its way to the canvas.  What would you like to see in the gallery ?

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New Arrivals To Brighten Your Life

March 9, 2010 in Art,Artists | Comments (0)

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Can’t find an original piece of art that brightens up your space without emptying your wallet? Fine Art GlassIf you haven’t been able to come by for a visit recently, we want you to know that we can help. Some new, colorful small paintings just arrived in the gallery. And, yes, they are affordable.

Janelle Cox has been working her magical brushes (sold one of her new arrivals already before it even got hung) and Jean Houghton who is a wonderful pastel artists just finished several 10×10 luscious pieces. Don’t they just look yummy? Laura Reilly has several spring and fall landscapes that are perfect above a mantel and if you love red, check out John Sherman’s newest additions—thick with texture and rich with color.

Only the Two of Us, 16x10, email

Only the Two of Us by Cox



Guacamole by Houghton



Saute by Houghton


There’s nothing like seeing the artwork in person, so stop by when you can and we will answer your questions and be happy to have you take a piece home for a “test drive”.   We think you will be happy with our prices too–our artists have kept their work priced at the same level for the past two years.

Medievel Tree by Sherman

Medievel Tree by Sherman


When Days Were Bright & Beautiful

When Days Were Bright & Beautiful

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Meeting the Artist

February 24, 2010 in Art,Artists,Events | Comments (0)

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As an art-enthusiast and collector, have you had the pleasure of meeting the creator of the wonderful works selected for your home?  Wouldn’t that be fun? For a collector of contemporary works, the ultimate personal connection to a work of art is meeting the artist. Personally, I have a long list of artists I wish I could meet, but unfortunately many are no longer living.  But for works by living artists that I collect, I am always thrilled to shake hands, tell the artist how wonderful he or she is, and have a chat with these gifted individuals who enhance my life. Having the opportunity to personally be invited into the artist’s world is an added bonus.

One collector admitted, “The value of “bragging rights” that come with owning works of an artist-friend or acquaintance cannot be overstated. No one alive today can say he dropped in on Vermeer or Leonardo, but I can speak endlessly about my relationships with the various artists whose works are in my collection.” He continued to explain that when it comes to choosing between two equally wonderful creations by different artists new to his collection, he almost always supports the artist he has met.

For the artist, it is equally rewarding to meet admirers and collectors. It is these reasons we host regularly scheduled events to bring artist and collector together.  By making appearances at openings and participating in events where the artist’s work is exhibited, the artist has the opportunity to engage with his admirers. It’s a win-win and sometimes it even tilts the balance toward a collector’s buying decision over another’s work.   

Hunter-Wolff Gallery is one of a dozen galleries in Old Colorado City who participates in First Friday ArtWalk between April and December.  Visitors and collectors are greeted by artists, some artists are demonstrating techniques, like Gary Vigen, or other featured artists and jewelry designers.  It’s a great opportunity to discuss possible custom pieces one-on-one with the potential creator, too. Drop in and visit with your favorite artist. I bet that you will look at the artist’s artwork in a different light after you meet.

Can you put a name to the faces below? They are all represented at Hunter-Wolff Gallery and eager to meet you.

DSC02182PICT0921Jeannie BreedingLaura in the Gallerydr_shermanBIO PhotoJanelle Coxphoto marlene for bio

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