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Story Tellers

March 9, 2013 in Art,Art Gallery,Colorado,Fine Art,Hunter-Wolff Gallery,Paintings | Comments (0)

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At The Seashore, 11x14, K.A.McMahon

You’ve heard it before, “Artists take us on a journey with their art…” and good art makes a connection for the viewer.  I like to think of artists as more than skilled technicians. They don’t just create art, they create stories that need to be told.  The image to the left is a great example of a painting that jolts a memory or maybe even makes you dream about the future. When you connect to a painting, the story is  yours to tell. It could be on a beach along the Jersey shore or the Mexican Riviera or Pacific coast. You pick the location and players. By just glancing at this beautiful painting,  a story unfolds that makes us smile, takes us back to a time when our children or grandchildren were small. Maybe it will take you to a time you remember as a small child. Don’t those memories come rushing back?

My own story takes place in 1988 at  a lovely vacation home on Virginia Beach with life-long friends and their two daughters.  We shared so many firsts together along that stretch of beach in the bright sun and warm surf.  Every morning started with our children playing happily together in the sand, making sand castles and collecting bits of shells like little treasure hunters. We swam, sang, laughed, chased kites and ate big thick meaty sandwiches at lunch time from the local deli. The days seemed short, filled with so much activity, so many giggles and the memories will never be forgotten.  There were many vacations at the shore where a painting like this will keep those memories fresh. Now adults, I’m sure our kids have their own special version to tell about their happy memories growing up together. This painting is the first page of a good story.  Your own memories, your own imagination and  your own experiences will complete the tale.

Kathryn McMahon, painted this darling image based on photos she had from her own childhood.  These little ones are triplets born in Canada in the 1940s and her story is as personal and captivating as yours or mine. Take time to explore art and find pieces that help you tell your own story. What a great way to share a memory that you never want to forget.

What is your story?


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March Brings Springtime Art

March 15, 2010 in Art,Artists | Comments (0)

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Springtime in Sangre de Cristo Mountains
Springtime in Sangre de Cristo Mountains by Laura Reilly

Isn’t March a funny month?

Here in the southern region of Colorado we enjoy flip-flops one day and snow the next.  It’s hard to complain when there are signs of spring everywhere.  Regardless of what it is doing outside, the art world keeps turning and churning.

Only the Two of Us by Janelle Cox

Only the Two of Us by Janelle Cox

This week we had several wonderful reminders of spring  in the gallery.  Laura Reilly delivered several bright and sunny landscapes and florals reinforcing that warm weather is just around the corner.  Jean Houghton dropped off three yummy 10×10 pastels and a 14×18 Yellow Roses (beautiful!) all making me eager to get in the garden (since it is snowing today, it may be a while yet). Janelle Cox is dreaming about spring and the brief showers we sometimes get this time of year.  I wonder where my umbrella is?


Yellow Roses by Jean Houghton

Yellow Roses by Jean Houghton

We have more coming in the next two weeks as we prep for ArtWalk on April 2.  The gallery seems to be in ‘full bloom” with new work and more is scheduled for delivery by John Sherman, Terry Lombardi and Kathryn McMahon.

If you love spring, you are going to love how spring found its way to the canvas.  What would you like to see in the gallery ?

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