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Are You An ArtWalker Yet? Every First Friday?

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Aspen Grove by David William Ridge

Old Colorado City (Colorado Springs) offers a monthly art event, every first Friday of the month, that welcomes all ages and is family friendly.  If you are looking for a way to stretch your legs and learn something new about art, get your walking shoes on and expect to spend at least 2 hours admiring, learning, and considering new art. With 13 venues along Colorado Avenue, from 23rd to 27th Streets, you will find something to peak your interests. Hundreds of artists exhibit work and there is no shortage of styles and techniques.

At Hunter-Wolff Gallery, 2510 W. Colorado Avenue, ArtWalkers have the opportunity to meet many artists.  On May 3, Clifford Bailey, David William Ridge, Pamela Poll, Marlene Kort, and many others will be available to answer questions and explain what they do to create interest …. and sales!  Selling art is their livelihood and I can’t think of a better way to support artists than to come prepared to fall in love with original art and take it home to place in your own home.

Hunter-Wolff Gallery will also have several staff members on hand to help guide you through the gallery if needed and point you in the direction for the next discovery along W. Colorado Avenue.

What do you think of these examples of art work being shown at Friday, May 3 ArtWalk?

Boulder Canyon by David William Ridge

Raku with textured glaze and copper leaf by Marc Jenesel

Open & Shutter Case by Penny Stewart

Glass and Roses by Justin Clements










Be sure to send us comments or ask your questions about ArtWalk by emailing us at  We look forward to seeing you at ArtWalk!



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Jazz Up Your World with Dodd

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Awakening 30x40 oil

Awakening 30x40 oil

La Luna

La Luna 18x24 oil

I can’t help myself; I’m simply a blabber-mouth. When we have great news, it is just impossible for me to keep quiet.  Bloggers are the first to hear the news about one of the finest Colorado artists joining our gallery.  Fran Dodd.  It’s been in the works for months now and finally we are so close, I can’t wait any longer. Remember her name because you will be seeing and hearing a lot about her.  The media will officially receive our news next week for release on May 1, followed by an Opening Reception to the public on May 7. Fran will be available in person to greet guests and unveil her “Color Me Beautiful” collection of oils and pastels. Several from the collection are on the website and available for pre-release sale. The savvy collectors will beat you to the punch so hurry to check it out.

 Why is she so special and creating a stir?  Just look at her art and you need to know little else.  She is a well-decorated artist. If you are looking for her credentials, we have them, but look at her art and who cares about credentials? If I lost all my senses except sight, I would be more than blessed to have her work in my world.  It is powerful.  It lights up your world. It sends you to a happy place. It makes you want more. Only those who have an affinity for black and white (the absence of any color) could disagree.  I invite you to share your reactions after you visit her work.

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