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Learn About Art At ArtWalk

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ArtWalkImage2015Old Colorado City (Colorado Springs) offers a monthly art event, every first Friday of the month, that welcomes all ages and is family friendly.  If you are looking for a way to stretch your legs and learn something new about art, get your walking shoes on and expect to spend at least 2 hours admiring, learning, and considering new art. With 15 venues along Colorado Avenue, from 23rd to 27th Streets, you will find something to peak your interests. Hundreds of artists exhibit work and there is no shortage of styles and techniques.

At Hunter-Wolff Gallery, 2510 W. Colorado Avenue, ArtWalkers have the opportunity to meet many artists.  On April 3, David Newton, Justin Clements, Gina Grundemann, Gary Vigen, Marlene Kort, and many others will be available to answer questions.  Selling art is their livelihood and we can’t think of a better way to support artists than to come prepared to fall in love with original art and take it home to admire in your own home.

Hunter-Wolff Gallery will also have staff on hand to help guide you through the gallery if needed and point you in the direction for the next discovery along W. Colorado Avenue.

What do you think of these examples of art work being shown at Friday, April 3 ArtWalk?

MP002_003 TwilightPasture8x10 WaterWayBeyond WB-1110sm



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Meet A Fine Artist: ArtWalk

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As an art-enthusiast and collector, have you had the pleasure of meeting the creator of the wonderful works selected for your home? Wouldn’t that be fun? For a collector of contemporary works, the ultimate personal connection to a work of art is meeting the artist. Personally, I have a long list of artists I wish I could meet, but unfortunately many are no longer living. However, for works by living artists, it can be thrilling to shake hands, tell the artist how wonderful he or she is, and chat with these gifted individuals who enhance our lives. Having the opportunity to personally be invited into the artist’s world is an added bonus.

One collector admitted, “The value of “bragging rights” that come with owning works of an artist-friend or acquaintance cannot be overstated. No one alive today can say he dropped in on Vermeer or Leonardo, but I can speak endlessly about my relationships with the various artists whose works are in my collection.” He continued to explain that when it comes to choosing between two equally wonderful creations by different artists new to his collection, he almost always supports the artist he has met.

For the artist, it is equally rewarding to meet admirers and collectors. It is these reasons we host regularly scheduled events to bring artist and collector together. By making appearances at openings and participating in events where the artist’s work is exhibited, the artist has the opportunity to engage with his admirers. It’s a win-win and sometimes it even tilts the balance toward a collector’s buying decision over another work.

Hunter-Wolff Gallery is one of a dozen galleries in Old Colorado City who participates in First Friday ArtWalk between April and December.   Visitors and collectors are greeted by artists; some artists are demonstrating techniques, like Gary Vigen or other featured artists and jewelry designers. Mark your calendar for every first Friday of the month in Old Colorado City, Colorado, and take advantage of this great opportunity to discuss possible custom pieces one-on-one with the potential creator, too. Drop in and visit with your favorite artist. I bet that you will look at the artist’s artwork in a different light after you meet.

Can you put a name to the faces below? They are all represented at Hunter-Wolff Gallery and eager to meet you.

DSC02182_xxs Gary_Painting_medium_xxs DavidNewton_xxsMarlene_xxsFredLunger_xxs     clifford_xxsDSC03500_xxsMaria Battista2014_xxs


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Sun Kissed Africa

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Nocturnal Invitation, 18x24 pastel by Marlene Kort

Nocturnal Invitation, 18x24 pastel by Marlene Kort


WHAT IS IT ABOUT SOME SUNSETS?  Some of the most beautiful sunsets seem to leave an impression that never fade.  I’m sure you remember at least one or two you wish you could have captured on film or painted.  Here’s one I wish I had seen myself.  But, like all good paintings–it takes me there in an instant and I can almost feel the heat of the day escaping.


One of Colorado Springs’ esteemed pastel artists, Marlene Kort, recently returned from a life-changing trip to Africa (more to come about that later). Although she has been home only a few weeks, she is wasting no time communicating what she saw and experienced through her gifted fingers at her easel. Marlene said the landscape was beautiful—surprisingly lush and green—and the sunsets were breathtaking.  Above is one of the first paintings inspired by her trip.  Can they get any better than this?

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April 2 ArtWalk is Back!

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bro_artWalk2009_change4 copy How do you keep up with what’s going on in the art community?
ArtWalk in Old Colorado City is the best way! Every first Friday of every month, starting April 2, you can stroll through a dozen or so art galleries and check out new trends and talk directly to artists and gallery owners to get the scoop. Be sure to make Hunter-Wolff Gallery your first stop!  It’s one of the top galleries in Colorado Springs and you will get the chance to meet some of their award-winning artists. Whether you are a casual or hard-core collector, ArtWalk is great way to meet other art-lovers and pick up tips about collecting.

More than 400 individual artist’s exhibit work in Old Colorado City’s art galleries—the largest concentration of artists and galleries in Colorado Springs within three city blocks. Put it on your calendar now – 5-8 pm in Old Colorado City.  Parking is free, admission is free and the fun is free!  Make sure you wear your comfy walking shoes too!

When’s the last time you met a career artist?  Tell us about your experience so we can share with other Art Lovers.

  Sirens by Laura Reilly Yellow Jersey by K.A.McMahon  Yellow Roses by Jean Houghton  Cuchara Evening By Jeannie Breeding

(L-R) Original Paintings Just Arrived at Hunter-Wolff Gallery: Sirens by Laura Reilly; Yellow Jersey by K.A.McMahon; ; Yellow Roses by Jean Houghton; Cuchara Evening by Jeannie Breeding
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