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One Man: One Artist Making a Difference

July 29, 2017 in Art,Art Gallery,Hunter-Wolff Gallery,Pottery | Comments (0)

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BQ001PlateCan one artist change the world? Those living in the village of Mata Ortiz may very well tell you that is what happened to their world. It all started when an enterprising Mexican named Juan Quezada Celado found broken shards of pottery near his village. Today, this once economically struggling rural Mexican village is a thriving community of creativity because of one man—Juan Quezada Celado.

Like most of the village, he grew up very poor, with little education, but that did not stop what was about to unfold for Quezada and his village. It all began when he found pre-Hispanic pots and pot shards from the Mimbres and Casas Grandes cultures in caves and other places while collecting firewood. He collected these bits of pottery found close to the archeological site of Casas Grandes (Paquimé) in the Mexican state of Chihuahua to examine and study, impressed by their artistic detail and quality.

Since the age of 7, Quezada showed artistic promise and was captivated by how the pots were made with no help from ceramicists or specialists in these cultures. Quezada’s natural ability and curiosity inspired him to explore and recreate this ancient pottery on his own. Later Quezada shared the techniques he developed, with his first student being his sister Lydia Quezada, followed by other family and friends in Mata Ortiz. Under his wing, a number of his brothers and sisters also became master potters until some 300 residents of this small village became part of the Mata Ortiz movement. Soon this impoverished village transformed with artisans earning a living from making ceramics, and nearly two-thirds of the population having employment directly or indirectly related to the craft. The success of the pottery, which is sold for its aesthetic rather than its utilitarian value, has brought the town of Mata Ortiz out of poverty.

Not only is Quezada given credit for beginning the Mata Ortiz pottery movement, but for updating the look and style. The pottery’s appeal became more popular and collectible and through trials and tribulations penetrated the U.S. markets.  By the 1990′s, the Mata Ortiz pottery was exhibited across the United States in museums and other cultural institutions and sold in fine galleries.

Mata Ortiz pottery is a highly sought-after collectible pottery not only because of its history but because of its outstanding beauty. The unique style of Mata Ortiz pottery has been quietly gaining a strong following within the collector and fine art worlds. This pottery movement can best be described as modern interpretations of 12th century indigenous pottery. Mata Ortiz pottery is painstakingly handcrafted. No pottery wheels or modern kilns are used. All materials including the clay and color pigments are collected locally, created by the artists themselves, and complicated designs are painted using brushes made from human hair.

Mata Ortiz pottery continues to grow in popularity especially in the southwest United States and some other parts of the country. Demand for bigger and more elaborate pieces have driven prices upward, selling for thousands of dollars although fine small and medium-sized vessels can be found for a few $100 up to thousands of dollars. The finest pieces are those made with white clay and those made by Quezada run considerably more.

Can one artist change the world?  I would say Yes!

More examples of this fine pottery can be viewed here.


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2017 Best of the Springs Art Gallery

May 7, 2017 in American Made,Art,Art Gallery,Artists,Award,Best of the Springs,Colorado,Honors,Hunter-Wolff Gallery,Old Colorado City,Small Business | Comments (0)

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BESTOFwinnerIt’s an honor to learn so many people feel good about what Hunter-Wolff Gallery does day in and day out, year over year. We have left a mark on their lives in some small way. It’s not an easy task but together some 40 people have come together to create something special that people take notice of.  Hunter-Wolff Gallery is not about one owner.  It is about the many talented fine artists who create beautiful work that exceed a standard of expectation. I am pleased to be part of  these results.

Undeniably, it is exciting to be recognized as a top gallery in a competitive market. When the public votes for their favorite business, and there are so many options, being named as “Best of the Springs” is thrilling. Hunter-Wolff Gallery is not the biggest art gallery,  nor the most cutting-edge, but we work extra hard to be recognized  as one of “The Best of the Springs”.  As the owner of Hunter-Wolff Gallery I am also honored to be located next to many others who in their own right are also the best — many who have stood the test of time, many who have become good friends, who have had years of experience, some celebrating thirty and forty years helping grow an art district.

Throughout 2017 we will celebrate and cherish this award and promise to focus on what we do best: build relationships. For those who think a gallery is about selling art, it is more about creating relationships with artist and those who appreciate and value art. We hope all who voted for us as “Best of the Springs”, did so because we do an excellent job caring for our customers wile building long-standing relationships.

Thank you to all the Hunter-Wolff Gallery  fans who care about us as much as we care about them. A special thanks goes to an incredible Hunter-Wolff Gallery staff and a strong, professional team of fine artists. Thanks to our fans and for taking time to vote! We are only here because of you.



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Learn About Art At ArtWalk

April 2, 2015 in Art,art education,Art Gallery,Artists,Best of the Springs,Clay and Fiber,Clifford T. Bailey,Colorado,Fine Art,Glow Pots,Justin Clements oils,Marlene Kort,Oils,Old Colorado City,Paintings,Pottery,Raku,Willow Bend Studios | Comments (0)

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ArtWalkImage2015Old Colorado City (Colorado Springs) offers a monthly art event, every first Friday of the month, that welcomes all ages and is family friendly.  If you are looking for a way to stretch your legs and learn something new about art, get your walking shoes on and expect to spend at least 2 hours admiring, learning, and considering new art. With 15 venues along Colorado Avenue, from 23rd to 27th Streets, you will find something to peak your interests. Hundreds of artists exhibit work and there is no shortage of styles and techniques.

At Hunter-Wolff Gallery, 2510 W. Colorado Avenue, ArtWalkers have the opportunity to meet many artists.  On April 3, David Newton, Justin Clements, Gina Grundemann, Gary Vigen, Marlene Kort, and many others will be available to answer questions.  Selling art is their livelihood and we can’t think of a better way to support artists than to come prepared to fall in love with original art and take it home to admire in your own home.

Hunter-Wolff Gallery will also have staff on hand to help guide you through the gallery if needed and point you in the direction for the next discovery along W. Colorado Avenue.

What do you think of these examples of art work being shown at Friday, April 3 ArtWalk?

MP002_003 TwilightPasture8x10 WaterWayBeyond WB-1110sm



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Affordable. Durable. Practical.

October 4, 2014 in American Made,Art,Art Gallery,Artists,Colorado,Hunter-Wolff Gallery,Pottery | Comments (0)

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TH1259traycup_tn TH-Red_tn TH1395_tn TH_oil cruets_tnComfort food–the ultimate hug for the soul this time of year! Even though Hunter-Wolff Gallery doesn’t sell comfort food, you can find Colorado-made pottery for serving your favorite meals for that ultimate hug. Tony Heslop, a fine potter in Colorado Springs, creates an array of colorful, practical tableware for everyday living. Everyday doesn’t mean not special!

Tony’s “pots” are a feast for the eyes and when you add your own home-cooked recipes, it is a combo your family and guests will come back for more. There is nothing like filling the kitchen with the smell of home baked bread and pastries and a bubbling treat on the stove or crock-pot and serving it up on beautiful clayware.

Fans have been collecting Tony’s work for nearly 40 years and several generations of cooks keep adding pieces to their own collections and for gifts. Each year he adds new designs, colors and shapes and his work continues to evolve to keep the kitchen kings and queens happy. His glazes are food safe and kitchen-friendly because they work in the microwave, dishwasher and oven. If you like adding a bottle wine to the table, check out his wine chiller. Place it in the freezer for a few hours and then on the table and your white wine and champagne will stay chilled throughout the meal, and they are so affordable, you might add several to the table.

When you are looking for a wedding, anniversary, or shower gifts, and have a modest budget, consider finding something special from the Tony Heslop pottery collection. We know the gift will be welcomed and cherished for years to come.

Buy local. Buy American. Buy treasures for a lifetime.

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Spring Into Art

March 15, 2014 in American Made,Art,Art Gallery,Artists,Color,Colorado,Hunter-Wolff Gallery,jewelry,Justin Clements oils,Oils,Paintings,Pottery | Comments (0)

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Tired of winter and sub-zero temps?  Us too!  In a few days we can officially think Spring!   At Hunter-Wolff Gallery, Spring means an acceleration of activity to freshen up the gallery  and add new inviting artwork. When you visit, you will enjoy new work  by David Ridge, Fred Lunger, Katherine McNeill, Justin Clements and more. Our display cases are bursting with delicate, eye-catching druzy necklaces along with spring colored stones in pea-pod green mixed with blue glass, and the bluest of blue Murano glass jewelry  with other springy colors by a variety of jewelry designers.  Hunter-Wolff Gallery now has an influx of beautiful pottery by Tony Heslop. The icing on the cake is Justin Clements new collection of still life beauties and landscapes.  He is also one of the featured artists in American Art Collector (March 2014).  The images selected for the article are of original oils available only at Hunter-Wolff Gallery.

For those who are collectors of art, seasoned or just getting started, don’t miss an opportunity to add Justin Clements oils to your collection.  He is  a young painter with an old soul and amazing gift.  His prices are inviting and we expect his work to be increasing in value over time.  While enjoying the great weather coming your way and the splendor of spring, take time to visit Hunter-Wolff Gallery and let us know what catches your eye.  We love to  hear how our spring collection gets your attention.


JustinClementspage2 PeoniesInGlass

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Inner Glow

September 20, 2012 in Art,Art Gallery,Artists,Color,Colorado,Hunter-Wolff Gallery | Comments (0)

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Marc Jenesel Raku

Have you ever experienced that inner glow? It comes from happiness and starts deep in the inner core.  Marc Jenesel creates his raku pottery with a special glow that starts at the inner core of his vessels to reflect a warm amber glow even in the dark.  It is impossible to miss.

Don’t be surprised if you become mesmerized by the inner glow, and become drawn to these unique pots even if they have never given thought to pottery as a form of art.  Many fans tell us that they have never purchased pottery or considered Raku until they see these special Glow Pots by Colorado potter Marc Jenesel.

There are several basic elements interior designers recommend to create a special look and feel in your home, and we think adding a Glow Pot will put your “look” over the top.

You might also consider a Glow Pot for a gift for someone special as a way to say, “You are my inner glow.”  Art can speak volumes when words are difficult and we know from experience that these special gems will get your message across.

Visit Hunter-Wolff Gallery and check our website for new arrivals.  You can always request a “hold” for something you see online until you can visit in person.


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Classic Contemporary

June 25, 2012 in Art,Art Gallery,Artists | Comments (0)

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Classic Contemporary by J’Nil Jackson

Pottery comes in all shapes, sizes and colors and is constructed and fired using different techniques. J’Nil Jackson is a potter who uses the slab built method.  This means that she uses slabs of clay as a way to create shapes that could never be produced using a potter’s wheel or that would be difficult to achieve with coiling.

Hunter-Wolff Gallery offers a variety of types of pottery, including Raku, and functional ware.  J’Nil’s slab-built or hand-built clayware is functional and has a contemporary style with inviting textures and colors.
You will find pieces from J’Nil start at about $100, depending on size and shape.  Send us your comments and feedback and we will respond with additional information and answers to your questions.
Join us during First Friday ArtWalk every month and see — touch — this stunning clayware.
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Raku Splendor

January 28, 2012 in Art,Art Gallery,Artists,Hunter-Wolff Gallery | Comments (0)

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Robyn & Curt Elliot Raku

When you say “pottery” is art, most people respond with a look that says, “Have you lost your marbles?”

It is one of the oldest forms of art dating back to prehistoric times and it is here to stay.  Some of the nicest Raku pottery coming onto the market today is by Robyn and Curt Elliott.  For 35 years they have been working with clay and today are devoting all their time perfecting glazes and pushing the envelope with intricate designs and details.

The Elliotts have taken Raku to the next level . We’d like to hear your response to their newest work which just arrived in our gallery and likely will not be here for long. The designs, forms and glazes are outstanding. Each piece begs to be touched and admired.






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Black & Berries Tableware

January 16, 2012 in Art,Art Gallery,Art Glass,Artists,Color,Hunter-Wolff Gallery | Comments (0)

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Serving Platter by Frank GrayLarge Bowl by Frank GrayCasseroleNot long ago, one of our gallery potters delivered a number of new tableware pieces including teapots, chip/dip platter, serving bowls, tumblers, platters, casserole dishes, etc.

Not only were they fresh from the kiln but they had a new wonderful glaze in deep, rich colors of dark red, blue, brown and black.  I have never been much of a pottery collector but these pieces just made my eyes dilate.  Fact: Whenever we see someone or something we like, the pupils of our eyes dilate and grow larger. It’s almost as if our eyes are trying to see as much of this desirable thing as possible.

This is an involuntary and uncontrollable physiological response.


I couldn’t resist the color and it made me want to touch the shiny smooth surface.  I could immediately see it on my table … and on every cook’s table …. what a wonderful color combination.

Frank Gray, The Potter, said he just developed the glaze formula and really didn’t have a name for it yet, when I blurted out, “Black & Berries”.  Yes, look at the raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, and of course the blackberries!  The name was perfect.  The color is perfect.  Can’t you imagine servings of fresh asparagus, mashed garlic potatoes, pot roast, corn bread, cape cod crab cakes, golden fried calamari … you fill in the blank and fill your plate. Frank Gray’s pottery is far from gray and will look wonderful on any table. I bet everyone will want seconds.  Reminder:  Don’t forget to include color on your table. Add Donna Gordon’s Blown Glass Tumblers and you will have a winning table. I bet your eyes will dilate too.


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Dazzling Raku

October 17, 2010 in Art,Artists | Comments (0)

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DSC_4698I am a believer in timing is everything or almost everythingAnd, it is time husband and wife potter-partners, Curt and Robyn Elliott, made their debut to the world.  These two very talented artists have been methodically working their clay, developing new designs and glazes for years primarily in their home territory while quietly offering their wares to family and friends and a short-list of pottery collectors.  That is until they joined Hunter-Wolff Gallery!  There will be no more soft introductions for Curt and Robyn. 

Whether an avid collector of pottery or not, if you love the feel and look of pottery, you will have to explore their collection.  This is a discovery you don’t want to miss. We are quickly building a beautiful collection of Raku vessels with unique-glazes, shapes, and colors.  It is amazing what four hands, two sets of eyes and two creative minds can deliver together.  If you happen to be travelling and flying to or from Colorado Springs Airport, be sure to take a moment to see the two display cases featuring Curt and Robyn Elliott’s Raku pottery, then hustle over to Hunter-Wolff Gallery with your comments and an opportunity to touch the pieces we have on display.  Each piece is exquisite work and the perfect accent for whatever you enjoy collecting.  You might even be moved to pick up a peice for a gift.

Tell us what you like about their pieces … the horse-hair glazes, the textured coppery shades of blue, violet and red that sparkle and glitter, or some other appealing feature?


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