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Dazzling Raku

October 17, 2010 in Art,Artists | Comments (0)

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DSC_4698I am a believer in timing is everything or almost everythingAnd, it is time husband and wife potter-partners, Curt and Robyn Elliott, made their debut to the world.  These two very talented artists have been methodically working their clay, developing new designs and glazes for years primarily in their home territory while quietly offering their wares to family and friends and a short-list of pottery collectors.  That is until they joined Hunter-Wolff Gallery!  There will be no more soft introductions for Curt and Robyn. 

Whether an avid collector of pottery or not, if you love the feel and look of pottery, you will have to explore their collection.  This is a discovery you don’t want to miss. We are quickly building a beautiful collection of Raku vessels with unique-glazes, shapes, and colors.  It is amazing what four hands, two sets of eyes and two creative minds can deliver together.  If you happen to be travelling and flying to or from Colorado Springs Airport, be sure to take a moment to see the two display cases featuring Curt and Robyn Elliott’s Raku pottery, then hustle over to Hunter-Wolff Gallery with your comments and an opportunity to touch the pieces we have on display.  Each piece is exquisite work and the perfect accent for whatever you enjoy collecting.  You might even be moved to pick up a peice for a gift.

Tell us what you like about their pieces … the horse-hair glazes, the textured coppery shades of blue, violet and red that sparkle and glitter, or some other appealing feature?


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The Cat is Out of the Bag

December 11, 2009 in Art,Artists | Comments (0)

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Tempest1219When something good is about to happen, it is too hard to keep it a secret.  It is especially difficult when unique artistry like that of Karen Pierce and Marc Jenesel has already been delivered and is now on display.  I just couldn’t wait to tell you about the Pierce-Jenesel team’s clay and fiber vessels before the media get word. Yes, we are purposely “letting the cat out of the bag” because their amazing mixed media vessels, made up of clay and organic materials, should be under this year’s Christmas tree. 

BlogCitypark54x181Marc is the clay artist and has perfected his technique for rich colors, unexpected textures and flowing shapes. His wife, Karen, spends hours and hours intricately weaving natural grasses and reeds to top off Marc’s raku for an exquisite treasure. Much of their combined work includes brass coins, shells from the sea, and little jewel accents like chalcedony and carnelian. The combination of these and other materials is a feast for your eyes.  These beauties are not inexpensive but worth every penny and guaranteed to make a beautiful gift from Santa.

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