With proper care, most jewelry will retain its original beauty and luster for a very long time. Methods used to care for common jewelry can be applied to care for hand-crafted, beaded jewelry as well. Proper cleaning requires some extra care of Hunter-Wolff wearable art due to the number of different materials used in the creation process: various metals, semi-precious and precious gemstones, pearls, glass, etc.

To aid in proper care, these guidelines and recommendations are intended to ensure a lifetime of beautiful wearable art. These tips are intended to keep wearable art in the best condition possible. All jewelry should be kept:

  • Free of dust, dirt, grease, paint and other foreign material
  • Away from harmful chemicals
  • Secure and not dropped or crushed
  • Stored in a closed and safe place when not used


Keeping jewelry free of dirt is relatively simple. In most cases, wiping the jewelry off with a soft, dry and non-abrasive cloth is sufficient. Accumulated perspiration and surface (soft) soil can be easily removed with this cleaning method. Hardened soil often can be washed in a tepid water and mild soap such as Ivory. Wash jewelry with a soft cloth only. Refrain from using scrubbing sponges or brushes to avoid scratches. More stubborn soil may be removed by carefully using fingernails. Never use a knife or any other sharp object. Carefully wrap the jewelry in a soft paper towel to dry. Some recommend using a toothbrush to clean the dirty jewelry. Caution: materials such as pearls can easily be scratched and permanently damaged using this technique.

Never use strong soaps, detergents or ammonia and always consult a professional jeweler when in doubt. A number of cleaning solutions is formulated specifically for jewelry applications. Most are ammonia and acid free; however, read the instructions carefully before applying any cleaning solution on beaded jewelry.

Jewelry should always be kept away from steam as some materials can lose color if exposed. To keep beaded jewelry away from harmful chemicals, do not expose your piece to products such as: hair sprays, cosmetics, lotions, and various household cleaners. These products can easily discolor some materials. It is highly advisable to remove jewelry whenever makeup is applied, bathing, swimming or performing any other routine household cleaning.

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