RP-016 Angel of Abundance 7/50 $2900

Richard Pankratz

This bronze symbolizes that the universe is created in abundance. Richard Pankratz says, "there is enough air, enough water in the oceans, enough grains of sand to create the world's beaches.  We can choose to live within a framework of abundance or from an attitude of shortage.  Our glass can be perpetually overflowing or nearly empty.  It all depends upon how we view and respond to life.  The universe responds in kind; that is, we get back what we give.  Richard Pankratz believes that if we approach the universe from a standpoint of shortage, shortage is what we manifest.  But if we approach life as abundant, within a framework of personal responsibility, unconditional love, gratitude, and service, then the universe seems to respond with abundance in ways we seldom see coming.  It is not a quantitative thing that guarantees that "my pile is bigger than yours", but rather an attitude that our needs will ultimately be met."

Pankratz has always felt that he had a "guardian angel" working on his behalf. He explains, “I remember saying and believing that in high school.  I also believe that the universe "conspires" to bring people into my life to aid me in my journey.  The angels in my work represent this connection with the spirits both within me and beyond me.”

Medium Used

Item Dimensions

19”H X 6.5”W X 4”D

Price: $2,900.00
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