RP-017 Happy Dance 14/25 $2900

Richard Pankratz

This limited edition 14/25 by Richard Pankratz tells a story. He says that he loves making art because it gives him the opportunity to think great thoughts as well as to contemplate universal solutions. Sometimes themes present themselves over time as he works on a design, concept, or pose. Other times they explode fully formed in my mind during sketching exercises.  Happy Dance came about in the former scenario.

He explains, “I was interested in a theme of two people in a great friendship.  As I thought about how life affirming an honest, lasting, and deep friendship is, what it means, and what it takes to create and sustain such a friendship, the form of the two friends walking through life together, arm in arm, in step, and with total affinity for each other took shape. These types of friendships contain many positive elements such as closeness, good will, affection, harmony, love, affinity, coalition, community, and alliance, among others.”

Medium Used

Item Dimensions

14” H x 8.5”W X 7”D

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