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Tony Heslop

Tony Heslop

Tony Heslop's Brentwood pottery, decorative and functional clayware, is made in Colorado. Tony started working with clay when he was in high school and has been perfecting his techniques, glazes and stylized designs for nearly four decades.

At Hunter-Wolff Gallery, pottery lovers will find a wide variety of options including everything you need in the kitchen along with his highly stylized collectible Raku art vessels. Tony also makes other household items like lamps and sinks. His work is suitable in every room in your house. He is the preeminent potter of Colorado Springs and whether you are a new collector, or a long-standing collector of clayware, you will find pieces that are affordable and artistic. Even other potters across the country have been known to collect Tony's work.

His glazes are durable and will not lose t heir vibrant colors over time. Functional ware by Tony Heslop is food safe, microwaveable, oven and dishwasher safe. His pieces are perfect for preparation and serving.

We urge you to call or email about inventory.  We are unable to maintain a catalog or show all the work available in our gallery by Tony Heslop. We carry 200-300 items at any given time. As new pieces arrive, we add only a few images each week to our website because of the high turnover rate. However, if you call about SOLD pieces, we can help you order similar items or may have different glaze colors available. We welcome your inquiries.



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