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Karen Pierce & Marc Jenesel

Karen Pierce & Marc Jenesel

Hunter-Wolff Gallery proudly presents the unique artistry by Colorado Springs husband and wife team Marc Jenesel and Karen Pierce. Since 2000, they have been collaborating to deliver beautiful sculptural vessels using clay, fiber, metal, stone and other natural materials.


Marc and Karen explain that their work is about relationships--how they relate to each other and to the materials they use to bring harmony to the final piece. "It's a dance of the media, combining colors, textures, clay and fiber, and our own unique designs for an elegant work of art." Each piece is a marriage of Marc's colorful raku vessel with Karen's intricate fiber work.


With more than 30 years experience in visual media, Marc is a graphic artist and animator but dedicates his free time to creating raku pottery. With his science background and experience, he is able to obtain the range of textures and glaze colors through chemistry and post-firing reduction. He explains, "Much of my education is in the sciences. I believe art and science run parallel courses. As science has become more abstract, so has art. I think a well-rounded education in the arts requires some study of the sciences." His results are remarkable and formulated for rich color and texture before being handed off to Karen.


Karen then applies her traditional basket weaving techniques and materials from around the world in unconventional ways to create the final, one-of-a-kind piece. She weaves free hand without molds and colors the fibers with dye or paint. She developed her expertise through decades of weaving and at workshops taught by internationally-acclaimed artists. Her contact with many cultures through extensive travel and residence abroad influence the themes of her work.


Karen's skill level has allowed her to teach basketry and showcase her work in juried fiber shows. She is a member of the Handweavers' Guild of America, and the Colorado Basketmakers' Guild. Together, Marc and Karen have won numerous awards at regional, national and international juried exhibitions. Their images and articles have been published in The Crafts Report; Shuttle, Spindle and Dyepot; and 500 Baskets.


Call us at 719-520-9494 for more information about Karen's and Marc's work or visit our website at  and Blog for available pieces from their exquisite clay and fiber vessels collection.



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