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Brian Hegarty

Brian Hegarty

Woodbrook Clocks, in dark oak, light oak, or cherry cabinet, plays Westminster Chimes (or up to 5 other options) by simply inserting a chime card.  The sounds of "Big Ben", Whittington Chimes, Domtower Carillion, Guilford Chimes, Westminster Chimes or Christmas Melodies are your choice.  Any of the six chime cards (the size of a credit card) can be inserted into a slot on the right side of the dial.  Beautiful chimes play the normal quarter hour and hour count.  An additional four cards play the sounds of music box melodies once a day the time you choose--the clock remembers the time you inserted the card and it will play again each day until it is changed by you.  All the chimes and music have been recorded on site to capture the sound of these famous bells from London to the Netherlands.  Hearing these clocks is as beautiful as seeing the workmanship of the cabinetry and the illuminated rotating Austrian lead crystal pendulum keeping perfect time (within a second per month).  You will feel like you are standing on the steps of the Mary-Le-Bow church in London, in front of Big Ben in Westminster, London, or on the street in front of Holy Trinity Church in Guildord, England. Just close your eyes and imagine yourself standing on the lawn of one of these historic sites listening to the sound of  these famous bell towers and museum quality music boxes ringing out.

You never need to wind the clock and can change your mind whenever you wish to have your clock play your favorite chimes or melody included with one or two sets of sound cards.  Each clock comes with its on set of interchangeable chime cards. Other cards are available for purchase.



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