Hunter-Wolff Gallery is excited to offer collectors the unique turned wood vessels by local Colorado woodturning artist Vinny Luciani. He draws on 50 years of woodworking experience to produce several unique series of artistic wood forms. Vinny is a passionate artist and student of form. He has a working understanding of his craft, honed from observation of various historical and cultural references.

It is not unusual to hear Vinny speak of fractals and recurring ratios in nature. A resident of Colorado, Vinny’s award-winning pieces are recognized nationally, having been featured in the American Association of Woodturners National Symposium and collected internationally. When not in his shop creating, he is sought-after to teach and demonstrate his skills in woodturning clubs and regional symposiums.

Vinny says he incorporates his knowledge of cultural and historical forms, in addition to other influences stemming from naturally occurring patterns and forms found in nature in his work. Seeking deeper expression, he studies and employs multiple techniques, including Pyrography (which dates as far back as the 17 century), burning, scorching, carving, and texturing, plus he adds pigments, dyes and finishes to produce his extraordinary pieces. 
He has spent decades acquiring skills beyond the scope of woodturning, in order to produce museum-quality masterpieces that impress collectors and creators alike.

Hunter-Wolff Gallery is extremely pleased to be the first gallery to showcase his current, eye-catching "Flower Vase" series. Each piece entails hours of planning, and as many as 50-60 hours for completion. No two pieces are alike and collectors will cherish their one-of-a-kind piece for a lifetime.


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