BB-012 Imperial

Brian Bystedt

BB-012 Imperial 21x32, Jornada Mogollon Culture, NM, Circa 1100-1400 A.D.  

This rock art design (petroglyph) was made by a hunter from the prehistoric time in what is now New Mexico.  It is a beautiful depiction of a raptor on final approach to attack its prey.  Its wings, tail and talons flared; eyes seemingly fixed on its target. What is especially unique about this design is the way the raptor’s actions were effectively portrayed and the way negative space was used, along with the flowing lines from the wings to the talons, to creatively position the head looking forward and focused.  Uniquely designed, beautifully portrayed. This design has transcended centuries and has now transitioned from rock to steel. 

Medium Used
Metal Art

Item Dimensions

21"T x 32" W

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