BEN-7019 Bench Stone & Wood

Brian Benham

This one of a kind bench is balanced with a hollowed granite leg that the artist chiseled by hand from underneath to provide a more manageable weight.  He hand-carved a peek-a-boo opening in the mahogany seat to fit precisely around the shape of the natural granite for aesthetic appeal, and supported it with a metal bracket underneath for stability.  The wooden leg is mortised through the top and wedged in place with walnut wedges.  Note that the support walnut arch attached to one leg and the seat is one piece. It is mortised in each of the cross braces so the arch passes through them.  The mortises were all cut by hand with a mallet and chisel.

The top and one leg are African mahogany, and the wedges, arch and cross braces are walnut. The beautifully placed leg rock is local Colorado granite.

Medium Used
Woodturning and Furniture

Item Dimensions

44"L x 14"D x 16.5"H

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