BEN-7022 Semi-Elliptical Table, Mahogany 47x18x29 $2800

Brian Benham

One of a kind design by Colorado furniture maker Brian Benham using African Mahogany accented and embellished with gilded silver leaf for a contrasting center of the table-top. He then  applied a patina with sulfur potash to add a variety of contrasting colors and age the silver.  The silver leaf is sealed with numerous coats of polyurethane for protection.The outer rim of the top is made up of segmented pieces of mahogany. Since it is not a perfect circle rather an oval shape, each segment around the front of the table was cut a different length and angle to achieve the oval shape.

To continue the semi ellipse theme, the front of the legs is shaped as a semi ellipse as well that taper a smaller oval foot.  Legs were hand shaped with a spokeshave, and when attached to the table top the back of the leg was carefully scribed to match the shape of the apron and top.  

Medium Used

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Price: $2,800.00
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