Enduring Traces 35x24 $790

Joseph Thomas

Grand prize winner, National Geographic Sacred Landscape International Photography Competition. Ancient rock art adorns a sandstone slab in the remote canyon country of Western Colorado. Photographing these petroglyphs inspires a sense of communion with the people who created them - a spiritual connection that reaches back through the ages. It is speculated that some of the figures are Shoshone, and that some may be from the Fremont culture or even older.

This 35x24 fine art photographic print is mounted on a wood plaque and sealed with an archival satin UV laminate, which eliminates reflections while maintaining excellent image clarity and contrast. The mount is finished with a 1-1/4"-deep black beveled edge, resulting in an elegant, modern, and durable print display that hangs flush against the wall.

Medium Used

Item Dimensions

35H x 24W

Price: $790.00
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