BEN-9058 Clock, Sparkling Sands 9 3/4 x12 1/2 x 2 1/8 $400

Brian Benham

This clock is made from a cottonwood burl. The backdrop is patinated copper using different salts and acids in a fume chamber to create the patina. The salts are layered as they are dissolved in the acid to the flowing pattern. The picture does not do this justice, along the edges of the layers when the light hits it just right, the edge sparkle between the layers. The frame is ebonized white oak. Battery operated

Size is 9 3/4”, wide 12 1/2” Tall, 2 1/8” deep

Medium Used
Wood Accessories

Item Dimensions

9 3/4”, wide 12 1/2” Tall, 2 1/8” deep

Price: $400.00
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